holders, holsters and carriers

What do you guys carry your throws in or with? Most of the time my pocket works for one. I have been really working on unresponive style of play and have been carring two or more on me. While I am just getting started I do throw(not play) in public a lot. Looking for the best way to keep 2-3 on me. I just an old guy who likes to throw. tim

I have a YoYoCommunity yoyo holder on one side, usually with my blue DM2 in it.
On the other side, I have a Crucial holder that holds 2 yoyos. I put my XCon Pro and Hitman Pro on that.

Along with that, I have my YYE Medium bag. In the pockets currently are my Code 1, Royale, Solaris and Phenom. In the large pocket is string, lube, Aoda Miracle, YYJ Pinnacle and an Asteroid. If I’m feeling more adventurous, I might use a strap like the YYF holder and put either my Go Big or Fiesta XX on the plastic loop on the front of the medium bag. If I feel I need to work on looping(which I really should), I slide an Unleashed in my pocket.

However, when I go out to meets, the full stash travels with me. I need to buy another large capacity case. I’m rapidly running out of room!

I carry the one I make, available on this site shortly, in a variety of options. If I don’t carry that one for wing shaped…I use the Ooch holder, a model I got directly from him. He wears my stuff, and I wear his too. ;).

I just put it in my pocket.

I have a yyf holder that I clip onto my backpack. When not in school, I clip it on my belt loop. The yo-yo does swing around crazily so later I put it in my pocket.

If I need pocket room do I actually use the holder on my belt loop though, most of the time it’s in my pocket.

The holders that Totalartist makes are off the chart. I have a prototype of hers and it is amazing. I wear it ever day with varying throws.

Pictures Please.

I just use a loop of bungee tied overhand twice, once to make a loop, and again to have a short length hanging out of the gap to grab onto. The loop end gets looped around a belt loop and the knotted end is pulled through and pulled tight. It keeps the yoyo from dangling and banging into stuff.

Yoyo bungee holder by MBsShots, on Flickr

I always have a YYF carabeaner holster on my belt, usually loaded with my Protostar. My pockets aren’t big enough to keep a throw, and now I’m getting asked about it more often.

One in my pocket and a backup in my car.

I use Totalartist’s holster, and also knitted cozies made by Sassafrass

I bought a couple of these… I found them to work great !! They don’t bounce around when I’m moving.

I’m not sure what the rule is for posting products that someone makes, so just PM me if you are interested in more info.

I just make my own leashes…simple, effective and versatile. I carry at least one throw with me all the time and if I am going somewhere with a backpack or messenger bag like work, I can hang it on the inside of my bag so my throw isn’t rattling around my bag.

I use the cardboard cylinder that a PSG comes in to hold my Avant Garde or C3 Trident in my backpack. It’s a little too long, so i put two discs of cloth in there with it. It works well and is surprisingly durable

Since my YYF yoyo holder’s elastic band lost its elasticity, I stopped using it altogether. I just put it in my pocket or my bag/backpack. Works the same to me :open_mouth:

I hope to get a Totalartist one someday. :smiley:

Looks like the NH club is going strong.  I’ll see to it that you have one.  We’ll meet very soon, I hope.  See you soon!  This video is our own Fellavader sporting my holder, the awesome new YYE T-shirt (I have one), and throwing a sick freestyle.  I was behind the camera :).

He won the division he entered in R.I., style is nasty!

Yeah, he’s awesome.

He started a month before, but he is so much more technical then me. :smiley:

I have been using the same type of holder for like 10 years. Its a Henry’s yoyo holder modified for today’s smaller yoyos.

[b]I love this one because it doesn’t bounce around on my leg!


How much will I have to pay for a yo-yo holder?