what yoyo holder do you use?

i saw a thread like this, but it was old an i didnt wanna necro, so here goes!

i use a glow in the dark werrd holder. what about you guys?

Leather holder!


My pocket.

I like to use my homemade holders, but I just end up using my pockets.

Totalartist YYE edition. That holder is the best hands down

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i want to get one, but whenever i have the $$ i end up buying a yoyo instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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my pants

Dude same here. Those things are leeeggiiittt.

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Nuff said these things are where its at!!!

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:frowning: i want 1!

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Please refrain from referencing other online yoyo retailers. Not only is it in bad taste, but it’s also against the rules. YoYoExpert is a forum and also a store.

Not even close. Totalartist uses too grade leather and stands behind them for the life of the holder. If it breaks she will fix or replace it. Totalartist is the best don’t buy the hype about the knock offs.


You know we are a lost cause when people start arguing over who’s yoyo HOLDER is better.



I use the Werrd Yo-Yo holder.

I use a TotalArtist made YYE leather yo-yo holder.  My favorite is the black one with gold spikes.  I thank all of you who support the holders that I make, the YYE leather holders, sold here:

I have everything you are looking for, the colors, the spikes, the studs, two-tone leather…you know how the song goes, “thick leather, metal it locks it’s, four good reasons to come out of your pockets, and spend some cash on the holder that lasts, the TotalArtist on the forum, so you know where I’m at…”

Thanks for the support to all you guys who helped it evolve into what it is today.  Andre Boulay is sporting the holder too.  If you want something custom designed like Mgiroux77 his purple and green holder to match his purple and green yo-yo collection, just let me know what you like, and it shall be done.  You guys are the best!  I appreciate the support.  I’ll continue to give back with the contests, prizes, giveaways and such.  It’s all good!


the best holder in the $5 range in my opinion!

I posted twice by accident…thanks again though. :wink:

Nice looking holder no doubt.  I really like the Ooch holder too, and Ooch is such a nice guy.  He gave me one of his holders at a contest last Spring, a black and gold version.  We traded holders.  When I carry my yo-yos that aren’t wing shaped…I rock the Ooch.  He’s a cool guy, and he sports mine too.  We support each other’s stuff, it’s a cool thing.  Buy the Ooch too!!