Totalartist Leather Yoyo Holders...Truly Amazing!

Earlier this week I obtained a very special yoyo holder. These holder is known as the Totalartist Leather Yoyo Holders. This holder was designed by one of our forum members known as…Totalartist. She is quite a gifted and talented person. This design for the holder is very fitting. It feels as if it isn’t clipped to your trousers. Its also 100% genuine leather, so its gonna last me a long time. A lot of time and work is put into making these holders, its all about quality from Totalartist. This holder I find to be a “better buy” than the other holders you can buy, the ones that are shoe lace, or a type of elastic.

If anyone has questions about how I personally like this, feel free to pm me! In the pictures I will have linked below are of my personal yoyo holder by Totalartist…I have a shorter version which can be obtained by a custom order through Totalartist herself! If you want to make a custom order (Size and width can be adjusted and anything else really…spikes can be added, different types of color metal on it) just pm Totalartist  ;D She is a very nice person, if you have questions about her product or want to place a custom order pm her as well!

If you want to just purchase a stock one…Heres a link to the Yoyoexpert page to buy one!

Link to my flickr to see pics:

I highly recommend getting one if these yoyo holders if you ever have a chance to…you wont be let down!! I constantly get compliments from friends who don’t yoyo that think its awesome!!
Thanks for reading—Happy Throwing All!

Expensive, but definitely worth it!

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Defanitly worth the $25+. Forsure!

Thanks for taking the time to review. We are evolving the design further now too, so we will reveal that soon. Proboscis was one of the very generous folks who donated a yo-yo as requested a few weeks ago. He received the short promo holder as a prize for his generosity. I made a bunch of those short ones before the sales on YYE. I still have some short ones around, but would only make them now via the special order system. If interested contact YYE customer service directly as stated. Oh, and if anything ever happens to your holder as far as damage, ever, no questions asked, just send it to me with a delivery confirmation, and I will repair or replace as necessary and send back to you (no charge). Just PM me for the address if you need it.