Leather Yoyo Holder - Hand Made by TotalArtist

Well…I mentioned in another thread, that I’ve been working on a leather yoyo holder because I couldn’t find one anywhere that was genuine leather.  I finished the first rough version of it.  I haven’t finished the edges yet, but I’ve got it all cut and assembled, holes punched, and hardware affixed.

I have to admit that it was not an easy project, and if I knew then what I know now, I would not have taken on the project.  But, now that I’ve made one, I will be at it until I get it perfect.  You will see when I open the holder, that there is a little hole I made that I didn’t use, but it’s on the inside and otherwise it looks as I planned.  I have to finish the edges and clean them up a bit to smooth them out, and use a leather conditioner to get a shine on it.  Oh, also the leather is more than 1/8" thickness, which made it a bit difficult to work with and punch holes in.  Here’s a quick vid of the almost finished product.  I’m going to do the next one with gold colored brass fixtures, which will look cool too:

The pics are clearer than the video:







That looks really snazzy dude. Nice work.

Thanks. Not bad for a first time, some frustrations, but not bad for someone with no experience. I had to work with minimal tools cause I don’t want to be stuck with leather tools when I’m not into that. I just really, really wanted a leather holder, and this was the only way to make it happen.

Wow, that really is nice, great job.

Thanks. Makes me feel better. Banged my thumb with a rubber mallet :’(

Nice! thats cool. :slight_smile:

Sweet! I saw you post the other day that you wanted to make one. Came out great! It will definitely last longer than the rubber and other ones.


Sweet! I mean, that’s a really cool holder. I’d love to BUY one of those off you when you’ve gotten to a point where you want to sell them. Black leather with metal? Yeah, I’d buy that! Granted, yoyo is a niche market, but that’s got market potential, and it’s worth a PREMIUM when you consider what it is.

I’m using a Werrd one with the glowing band, and I’ve made my own using my own Studio42 wrist bands(same thing, different band). But that, well, you just took it to a whole new level. And you punched holes to make it adjustable to fit MOST yoyos. Belt clip, rad buckle, silver on black. Dude, this is totally metal!

Feel free to PM me prices! Me want!

Thanks. I will PM for sure. I had to purchase a bunch of hardware just to meet a minimum price point, so I have a bunch of those clasps and locks. I had enough leather for 5 holders. If those do well, I’d continue. Right now, it would be cool to just make back some money spent on the tools and materials.

That holder is designed only for the butterfly shape yoyo, and the Dark Magic in the photo is on the second largest setting. Including the clasp, it only hangs about 6 inches.

Dude! PM me too, I just want to see the price of it. :o I hope I can buy it!

And Studio42 did you copy me? Sweet!



PM me the price to. That is really awesome!

Thanks for the great feedback. I feel so much better now, I almost gave up in the middle of this project. That first one has a few mistakes that I’d do differently, but I’ll keep that one for myself, cause even with the imperfections, it will always be the first one assembled…so sentimental value.

Yes, Serial number #0000001. Always special.

I have Serial Number 0 for the E-mu Proteus 1. Or rather “before serial numbers”. Still use that syth from time to time. It was the UL Approval test unit.

Im interested in buying one too. If you still have material available, could you PM me a price?

PMs sent. Also, this is a pic of the holder made for Studio42. I mailed it out to him today. Yo-yo not included lol.



Man, that looks sweet! I can’t wait to get Serial #0000002!

I may have to buy a black DM2 just to complete the metal look!

I picked up a used clear DM2 at CalStates, which will be a “project yoyo”. It’s kind if responsive, but I think with a bit of normal maintenance, it will be dead unresponsive soon enough.

Ah, yet another reason to go rushing to the mailbox!

Well…you’ll be happy to know that it’s passing all of my tests. I never showed you anything about what it looks like when it’s in use, and what kind of movement it has when it gets banged around. Here’s a quick video of what it looks like being worn.  I was just testing out how the yoyo would move around in the holder when it gets bounced around.  I exaggerated movement of course, but the good thing is that it really won’t turn on that swivel clip, unless you turn it manually, so it will stay whichever way you want to wear it.  Some would want to wear it with the front of the holder facing forward, others will have the side of the holder facing forward, and some may even choose to show the back.  Also, when it’s getting bounced around, the yoyo doesn’t have the range of motion that you might think…it’s still sort of controlled, even when it’s moving, because of the weight of it. You’ll see what I mean in a few days.  The yoyo can be removed with one hand, which is shown here too. I hand engraved Studio42 on the male part of the lock, and I included a #2 and my initials…because you have the second one ever made. We will both wear it awhile to test for durability, but it was made so that I can repair any part of it very easily, if ever necessary.  I even  fastened two pieces of leather together, then pulled out the fasteners to see how strong the fasteners were.  Believe me, it was a chore to undo with a pair of pliers…more than a chore.  I just finished holder #3 today. I just ordered some brown leather…I’m thinking brown leather with antique brass and gold fasteners.  I rarely wear a brown belt or brown shoes, but I think it will look cool. Look out for that later this week. Also, I agree that black DM2 looks like it’s right at home in that thing.  I’m thinking of making one holder and putting a bunch of studs on it, so it will blind anyone who looks at it (lol).  You’re like my first tester, so if you like yours, I’ll send one to Mr. Boulay.

Here’s the vid:

I’ve been experimenting with different color hardware and different color leather. Now, I have gold and antique brass hardware and natural and brown leather too. Some combinations haven’t been made yet such as black and gold or brown and gold, but I will try them next. Came out interesting…







#3 for me! this thing is AWESOME!

If anything ever happens to your holder, just mail it back to me with a delivery confirmation, and I will repair it or replace it for you and return ship at my cost. Just drop me a note to let me know it’s coming. I’m glad you like it. Anyone who owns #1 through #10 gets a lifetime warranty. My lifetime that is… I’m not too old and I’m in good health, so that hopefully will be a long time. Thanks 8)