Leather Holder by TotalArtist!

Hey everybody. I was grateful to win a leather holder from totalartist in the giveaway he had. I wanted to let everybody know how much I like it. I have a few holders, none of which that are anything to talk about but this one, wow! The quality is amazing. It not only looks awesome but feels amazing too. You can feel the quality the first time you touch it. Its much sturdier than anything I’ve used before. Its also heavier which helps to keep it close to your body and prevents it from swinging too much. I would have posted this in the review section but its not really a review. I just wanted to let everybody know that uses a holder just how much better these are. And theyre in stock at yoyoexpert. Go get one! You wont regret it!

That’s really cool, but, sorry to nitpick, but TotalArtist is a she.

That was so nice of you to post about the holder, I’m glad you like it. I’ll be uploading a video today about some extra tips and tricks related to the holder. It includes adding extra security for those who really want to put your prized yo-yos in there. Also, I want to show you how to link them up, some people have more than one of my holders now. I know Fellavader, Shadowz and several others have more than one, so they might want to carry a 3A style. Lots coming…restocking on those colors showing “out of stock” early next week too.

I’m thinking of doing another contest soon for those of you who’d like to make a nice video review of the holder for me. I think I’ll wait a few weeks, I’ll have to think of some format rules. I’d probably do two prizes, a winner and a runner up. Glad you like the holder, and while no product is perfect, I’m working with YYE to make that one as close to perfect, as possible. We have lots of ideas about how to do that, so watch it evolve before your eyes.

I think that’s the only holder of it’s kind that you’ll need for the rest of your life. If anything ever happens to it, I will repair or replace it, if necessary, at no cost…YYE has been given the specifics about my policy on that. If you ever have any questions regarding that, contact me directly, or customer service and we will help you.

Thanks again. I haven’t ever posted on another forum, cause you guys are the absolute best!!

No problem. Had to let people know how awesome these were. Also, sorry I had said "him"when referring to you. Had no idea that you are a girl. My apologies. Anyhow, that holder is really amazing. I def think that other holders are no comparison. Ill be happy to hear when your next contest is. Also, do you sell the short version like mine on yoyoexpert? I really like how it doesnt swing very much.

No worries. I don’t take offense at all. Most of the stuff I do in life, my job, the holders, yo-yoing, rap music, cubing…all mostly guys do it, and I’ve done the same thing myself. I often just say “he” because it really does refer to the majority of the audience anyway so it becomes a habit. No biggie. The short version will get phased out as far as keeping any in stock, but they can always be made on a special order through YYE like the other things that are special order. The neat thing about these is that I can change the clasp, the lock, the length, anything you guys want at any time and come up with something totally unique. If you guys ever want something custom made for you in that regard, we can plan it and work something out…that would actually be fun to do. Thanks again for the awesome post.