Which YoYo Holder Do You Use?

I use one I made out of paracord. Here are some pics ;D
http://yoyoexpert.com/Users/lucasthegreat/Desktop/photo-19.JPG /Users/lucasthegreat/Desktop/photo-20.JPG/Users/lucasthegreat/Desktop/photo-15.JPG

If you don’t want your yoyo to swing around and bang into stuff, you might try this.

Yoyo bungee holder by MBsShots, on Flickr

Put either end through a belt loop and then pull the knotted end through the larger loop and pull tight. Then of course, you just pull on the knotted end and slip the shock cord over your yoyo. The extra knot makes a tail that is easy to get a hold of so you can pull it and slip the yoyo out.

I use 1/8" shock cord that you can get at a store like REI. I singed the cut ends after making it the right size.

Is that a nickel Cafe Race I see? That idea looks amazing but still I’d be hesitant to put something as awesome as that onto my belt

I only use the FAST YYF holder, but I only carry around my Protostar with me, I bring that thing with me everywhere I go. I don’t think I’d ever carry a metal with it, unless it already had a bunch of scratches and I didn’t care if it got more. I wouldn’t carry a mint yoyo with it, but I would carry a plastic, or scratched up metal on the holder. Works great for the price, but it does fray after a little bit, but mines still working fine, just looks a little worn.

It seems that most people have resorted to making their own holder, either because they don’t like what’s readily available, they don’t like what they get for the price, or they just prefer another design altogether. If anyone wanted to step up on this kind of product and make something really nice and durable, I think they’d have a good market for it. Anything plastic, rubber or fabric won’t last for very long, so you’d be buying it again fairly soon anyway. I’m going to try the leather thing with nickel hardware and see how long it lasts. If I get 10 years out of it, I’ll save myself some money in the long run. We shall see.

I’m looking at refining my design. I know the silicone bands won’t last, so I’m looking at going leather or something like that. All part of the fun of designing.

I do have the original designs, but I’m refining that to get costs per unit down. The carabiners are a yank right now because I’m not willing to buy in bulk. I need to measure the beads in bulk. the silicone bands I know my costs on. If I were to make a product, I’d want it to be in the $5-7 range in the end. Anything more is too much. I’m ideally shooting for $5.

I think I’ll end up making about 5 total leather ones. I will make a few for myself and then sell what’s left over to pay for the supplies I spent money on. I had to buy a few leather tools to punch holes and such, and a nice piece of leather pre-cut, and some hardware rivets and clasps nickel finish. I hope to have all parts by the week’s end, and then work on making the first one next week. Wish me luck. I’d pay over $20 for a nice leather one, if someone made them, cause it will last awhile. The one I’m making is for the butterfly shape though, I’ll have to make a separate design for the modified shape and so on. I guess no holder will fit all yoyos, just most.

I loop two hair scrunchies together (the smooth kind). Then I loop one of them through my belt loop, and double-twist the other end on a yoyo. The material of the scrunchies never damages the yoyo, but you can still bang it into things.

I have a YYF holder, but the carabeener clinks on the yoyo when I walk, which bugs me, and if I pull the strap tight, it can scratch up a throw.

The only problem with my solution is that it looks pretty ghetto. I was thinking of trying out some other designs, so thanks to the OP for starting this thread!

Wii remote straps.

I’ve seen several on ebay that appear to be made of paracord and beads. I would provide a link but can’t access ebay from the work computer. Paracord is a wonder material you can make all kinds of stuff from (the standard stuff is 550 pound test), bracelets, belts, hammocks, whatever you can imagine. It’s popular because of it’s versatile and dirt cheap. It also comes in a billion different colors. Might be worth looking into.

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paul yath, from CRUCIAL YOYOS, has a holder that will hold up to 2 yoyos with out them touching each other. here is a pic. he has at least 7 different color waves.

This. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,14877.0

That’s not exactly a good way to CARRY them with you.

Also, you might want to drill tiny holes and thread the monofilament through them so it doesn’t look like you tied fishing line around painted PVC piping.

Interesting design…I will certainly look into that one.


I used my yyf fast holder til it was toast. Lol. Lasted about six months!
I just got my new werrd holder today. Best one I have tried yet! Highly recommended, AND it glows in the dark! Extra cool points there. Lol

my pocket

Yep. Coat, hoodie, pants…

My pockets.

If only it had a smaller clip and not a carabiner Id buy it. It looks like it hangs too much for me. If only there was extra large bands that you could attach to your belt loop and with the bead so it would eliminate the dangling caused by the carabiner

i use a toxic holder, i love the color and it holds up very well.