Yo-yo Accessories: The F.A.S.T Strap by Yo-yo Factory

The F.A.S.T. Strap

One of THE best inventions…ever!

When I first saw this product, I was thinking “Why buy one of these? That is what pockets are for!” But when I got it with my 888x, I tried it and knew that pockets would soon be useless.


When you put a yo-yo in your pocket, it pushes against your leg and it really hurts. The Strap allows for the yo-yo to hang at your side OUTSIDE your pocket allowing for more pocket space and for saving your leg from a huge ring imprint. For its price, why not buy a bunch? It is one of my garment features that I wear every day.

It’s so convenient, you’ll use it every day, too!

yeah pockets. Who needs em? lol but seriously. i think the fast holders cool, but im more fond of the werrd holder. holders for me really do make life eaisier!

YYF holders aren’t that great, there’s tons of better ones, the Werrd one, the leather ones, Toxic’s holder, i’d never trust a nice throw to YYF’s…

You could make one from stuff around the house.

i made one using a thin lanyard, a carabiner, and a hair band. acually works well!

also with the fast holder (and the ooch holder) the yoyo has a chance of falling out! the werrd holder is 10x more secure, and $1 cheaper. the werrd holder is simple, yet very sturdy (and i glows in the dark!)

Woah, guys! I’ve never tried this magical “Werrd Strap” before!


Nice :slight_smile:

Seems there’s alot of yoyo holder topics lately.

Makes me want to go buy the TotalArtist holders. Like now haha.

Most interesting indeed. I am not saying you are Wrong. But one of your statements, I found most interesting indeed.

How ‘Exactly’ can a yoyo ‘fall out’ of a YYF Fast Holder? I have been using them on a daily basis, since they came out. I got some of the very first batch. I am a structural welder and fabricator by trade and go up and down ladders and scaffolding every day of the week. I Almost Always have a Fast holder on a belt loop(which is actually not really that bright of an idea since more often than not; I seldom have a chance to yoyo while I am clocked in; lolol). But on the positive side; the fact that I am All over the place at work and put at least 10,000 steps, minimum on a Pedometer every day; I would consider myself an unintentional Master Tester of YYF Fast holders.

I have never, ever had any close call of having a yoyo ‘fall out’ of the holder.

Like I said a minute ago; I am not saying it is not possible… But can you maybe give a little more of an explanation on exactly ‘how’ there is any chance of a yoyo falling out of a YYF Fast yoyo holster?

I would love to know… thanks from Mo the infamous OG Yoyo modder

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Yep, I was thinking the same thing. (Excluding working all day)

well i had a not too great experience with one. i was bikeing, and i braked due to me not seeing a stop sign, and the holder loosened itself and dropped my precious grind machine on the road. i have never had this problem with the werrd holder , and i braked harder and even fell with that thing., and it never loosened itself. much more secure in my OPINION <------------. sorry if i gave a biased comment. cool job btw! :slight_smile:

i didnt mean to hate, as yoyofactory is my favorite brand. i simply do not like the holder. my opinion only. i just dont want others to have the same thing happen to their yoyos.

I simply do not like the YYF strap. It’s not that it’s cheaply made, nor that it’s made of cheap parts. It is made to be inexpensive and made from inexpensive parts. If you want to call that cheap, then so be it. But that’s not the flaw.

The plastic tab assembly is a durable part. The Carabiner isn’t anything special, and 99 out of 100, those are just fine. The flap portion isn’t the greatest of designs, but it’s relatively durable.

The problem is the elastic band. This is where the problem is. This is basically a glorified hair tie band. These items are unfortunately designed to fail. The time for failure is random, but in time they will fail. They can dry out, stretch out, absorb too much “bad stuff” or flat out snap.

I warn that any holder using such an elastic band is looking for trouble. My experience with these types of bands is not all bad, but in time, they all fail. Anything that is elastic like that is of a material that is going to fail in time.

I find these are good for dangling an off-string throw off my YYE Medium bag, at least for the time being.

I have always liked the fact that it ‘isn’t anything special’… It is incredibly simple, very useful, and pretty darn inexpensive. The F.A.S.T. holder has been around since 2005 when it was first introduced with the F.A.S.T. 201 and I have one of the originals that I have used on and off since the 2005 FAST 201 tour without any problems.

Nowadays, you have a whole plethora of belt clip style yo-yo holders available, ranging from the less expensive FAST holder all the way up to $40+ ‘designer’ belt clips and everything in between. There are plenty of options available!

Options are great. That’s why Totalartist makes so may different holders. Any color, spikes or sparkles she will make it for you then stand behind her work. It’s the only holder I would ever use.


Chris… if people believe even half of what you say most of the time; that is 100 percent too much.

You call yourself a ‘Forum Expert’ <> I have been around the various boards over a period of YEARS and I have yet to identify Anybody else that touts that Self Ordained title for themselves?

You have just appeared in the last year + or - a month or so(?) and have posted more than 52 Hundred(like in five thousand two hundred )times. I must like being tortured because I must admit, I actually read most of your posts. I think I actually Know more about your family than I know about my own!

Anybody that has been around any of the main yoyo related forums and knows who I am, knows(whether they care about me or not or whether they agree with me or not) that I have a very low tolerance for Bull. I am not always right. I would like to think I am right 50 percent of the time. At least in baseball that is an amazingly good batting percentage; haha.

I don’t slam into posts like I did in years past, because I finally figured out that some people just want to stay stupid and or ignorant. I am just not in Charge of changing them. So I more often than not, give everybody a break: the clowns that believe their own crocks and the other readers that get upset when I kick somebody to the curb.

I have been pretty low key as of late. Quiet is good. Silence is Golden. Smart people stay smart… middle people stay in the middle and the not so mentally gifted, remain without gifts.

And then out of the blue, here comes the charging Forum Expert. Right into the Glassware department; knocking over perfectly good products! Putting a product down in a somewhat sneaky way. By stating that it was made to fail… That eventually it will fail… that it is just a matter of time before it fails, etc.

Like Glassware for example. Most anytime you make something out of glass; you are just looking for trouble. Why? Simple. Because you are using a component(glass) that will eventually at somepoint 'Forum Expert says… ‘Fail’. You know if you have a car and you get some new tires for that car. And the tires are made of rubber; that at some point those darn rubber tires are going to ‘Fail’. And you know that if… if you go to Home Depot and buy a lightbulb, that lightbulb is going to somewhere down the line, ‘Fail’.

Yes indeed Chris; you picked a safe center. You put the YYF holder into a special Equation. A category that includes All products that have an integral component part made of some material that will ‘Eventually Fail’. And by doing that, you turned a positive into a negative.

You picked out a Pefectly good, perfectly functional, perfectly priced, perfectly available yoyo accessory and tried to make it look like a bad deal < because somewhere, sometime, somewhow it is going to Fail.

You mentioned that the elastic is just a Glorified Hair band. Why in the world you would even used that word to describe the elastic is borerline brainless. The word ‘Glorified’ would only possibly apply if YoyoFactory was charging alot more for the holder and at the same time Bragging about How Totally Awesome and unique their Elastic material is/hence, they could be considered glorifying a common elastic item. But since YoyoFactory makes no Incredible claims that their holder possesses any kind of Supernatural Elastic powers; it seems more used for effect in your degrading the product, than something that actually has any relevance.

I, like Pat Mitchell, have Original YYF holders and prolly one from every batch since. My oldest holder has got a Ti5 hanging from it right now/no hesitation. Why? Because I know almost Everything is made to eventually Fail. But these YYF Yoyo holders were/are made of Excellent materials and not by accident. Hans and Ben knew they would be selling Thousands of these holders. Thousands. So they picked out durable component parts, kept the suggested retail price low and count on few if any complaints because the construction of the holders places the failure rate way down the yoyo road.

I am not saying that the YYF holder is the best, because I have not tried them all; so how could I?

I know that you have to be creative sometimes, to made sure you get in your average 12 posts a day. I also know that Magicians reach down into the hole in their hats and pull out a rabbit.

I also know that you are neither a Forum Expert or a Magician.

Because when you decided to punk the YYF Yoyo holder, you reached down a little deeper into a hole. But is wasn’t a Hat and you didn’t pull out a Rabbit. But you sure put your foot in it.

5200+… Well, just like most everything else; even forum experts are built to eventually ‘fail’.

PS It is only fair for me to make something perfectly clear before some Pro -Studio folks have a baby cow. I only know Studio from this board. I have never met him in person. I have heard he is a very good Sound man. Which is a very good thing, since that is what he does. I actually enjoy reading some of his posts because he often does try to be helpful. He also does what he can to promote interest in yoing. I am totally sure he does not miss an opportunity, in person, to introduce others to yoyos. His ‘family happenings posts’ are fun to read and kinda like Reality TV, minus the TV part.
My posting above the ‘PS’ segment is not meant to be a Character Assassination.
But I also don’t think much of the Forum Expert ‘title’. There are many people on the Boards that can run circles around us with fountains of Yoyo Knowledge and not one of them ID’s himself as an Expert. And few if any post over 5000 times in a year.
It is better to make fewer more effective posts, than a boatload of posts of lower value.

the Subtle YYF holder smack down falls into that 2nd category. A short product Slapping with absolutely zero Validity. As soon as I got to the ‘warning’ part, I said, ‘gimme a break’. Homie don’t play that.

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Totalartist holder is worth the money. Its leather, so will last long. It’s stylish…I’ve got many comments on it saying its awesome and cool. And it does it’s job as a holder. It clips nicely, and doesn’t put a lot of weight or pressure on your belt loop. If you have a chance…buy one! If you want something really personal, pm her, she takes custom orders as well (spikes, lengths, width) she’s very nice, and does a great job!

Sounds interesting! Any pictures?