Homemade FAST Yoyo Holder

So, I’m starting with a story, for entertainment, and background information.

So I was just browsing through our site, and I saw the FAST yoyo holder. I read the description: There is finally a cool way to keep your yo-yo at your side. The YoYoFactory FAST yo-yo holder features a carabiner clip and elastic band that allows you to clip and store your yo-yo anywhere.

Notice the carabiner clip and elastic band??? So… a carabiner clip and a elastic band is a … carabiner, and a rubber band.

So, get a carabiner, I’m sure you have one. Just hook on two rubber bands (what if one breaks?) and attach to your belt. Hook your yoyo on, and you’re done!!!

Wasn’t that easy?

I want prrof before trying this.

So - Pics or it didnt happen :smiley:

It’s not that expensive… just a carabiner and a rubber band X2

I want to see it too. Im curious.

Too young??? It looks simple… I don’t really get this… a carabiner,http://www.bentgear.com/images/CAM0006.jpg and two rubber bands http://www.tathwa.com/sitebuilder/images/close_up_rubber_band-300x300.png and just open the carabiner, and put the rubber bands in it. Then, put your yoyo in the rubber bands.

I want to see what the final product looks like.

erm… why?

Cause just put two onto it… like this:http://www.shopatmoxie.com/mm5/graphics/00000001/rubberbandshoot375.jpg except without 100 rubber bands. Just look at the carabiner. Is there anyway to upload a picture?

Wouldn’t that risk scraping the yoyo?

That is true. Just post a pic. I will try it but with a Lyn Fury.

Yea, the metal could scape it and the yoyo may be small and may fall off the band–

… I just have a plastic one… so no idea…

Well since all of you want to see a picture of it, I made one. It’s actually really good! It might scratch the yoyo tho, but so far it hasn’t on mine. Here are some pictures.


There you go!


Thank You!!! I apologize for not having pictures… but my age… and my parents don’t really like me putting stuff online… I had to beg to be on this forum. :’(

But I’m on!!! ;D

Don’t worry Batryn. If you ever need pictures of your experiements, you got me.


It was not an experiment, it was simply just poking holes in the FAST yoyo holder. BTW, buy the Fast yoyo holder if you want some fancy letters on the rubber band.

I would do this but with something softer than a carabiner so it wont schrtch the yoyo…
trying to think of something

KK… here comes me!!! DIY:

  1. Take a carabiner
  2. Get some cloth
  3. Wrap the cloth around carabiner
  4. Secure with rope, rubber band, tape, string…
  5. Hook on two rubber bands
  6. Add yoyo (you had better have one.)
  7. Thank Batryn! :smiley:

What about this? I made this really quick with two rubber bands. Nothing fancy, but it works just the same, right?

I would so do it put i HATE jeans…

I love jeans and yours is better than mine. Lol.

I just did 1 rubberband lol, yours is more secure.