I Made A Yoyo Holder Thing!


feedback plz  ;D

Cool. I need a portable yo-yo holder.

nice ita like a big thick string but for holding yoyos

Yea it relly thick but it keeps the yoyo in place for when your playing sports n stuff

You wear your yoyo while doing sports?

sure i guess? its when i dont feel like taking the yoyo out of my pocket

I wouldn’t want to land on my 888 while playing tackle football. Ouch.

I did that once…Yes, I am stupid.

i cant say i have… am i normal??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Something similar happened to me. I went to my friends house to play a 3 on 3 football game that’s just 2 hand touch rules, and when I went to juke I accidentally slipped and landed on my Speedmaker that I forgot to take out of my pocket. This was only a couple of days ago. I have a circular bruise now on my left thigh.

lol thats happened with some other round object

I also made a yo-yo holder based on another thread I read on here a while ago. You just get a carabiner (sp?) clip from a sports store for a dollar and thread a hair band on the bottom of it. Stick your yo-yo in the hair band, clip it on your belt loop and you’re good to go! It’s super handy, and it’s never failed me.

kinda like the fast 201 holder thing

i got one cause i was on this site where if u buy $50 worth of goods then u get free shipping, and i had $49.81 and the fast 201 holder was $5 and shipping was $7 so i got the holder and they payed me $2 to take it off their hands :stuck_out_tongue:

The Hook It is the way to go! ;D http://dazzlingdave.com/images/productphotos/hookit.JPG It’s a bungee and it’s so SMALL! It’s perfect! I wear it all day everywhere. So simple too, and even a but flashy! ;D

that looks sick :o


What are you laughing about? No one said anything funny.

quit putting hate posts on everything i do

Dont want me to do that? Quit making unnessary posts. Simple. :wink:

where did he do that? he is expressing his feelings and opinions, nothing wrong with it. it is probably his post, and he can do whatever he wants in it. end of story.