Your portable Yoyo setup.

Whether it be as small as a yoyo in your pocket or an entire case, what do you carry on a daily basis?

I have my yye 5 compartment bag. I keep my CLYW Canvas, Madhouse Compulsion, One Drop Rally, and YYF Counter Attack in the main pouches. Then string, extra bearings, response pads, and a multitool in the 5th pouch. I also keep a Metal Drifter in that pouch for people who want to try things out.

Wow, that’s a lot to carry around all day. I would go insane.

I carry a couple strings in my wallet and Walter. I also have about twenty strings and a bottle of 3-in-1 in my car.

general yo torrent 2 on my legyoyo holster and a YYJ classic in my pocket

Usually i wear cargo shorts or a jacket with some deep pockets so really i carry around anything i want and i keep string in my wallet i need to get a case though

One Drop CHIK in my Chrome Bag and I always take one of my beaters in my pocket.

A well dinged and scuffed Supernova Lite, green YYSL Ammo, carried around in my work bag. I don’t get much time to throw at work so it has to wait till I get home really.

Puffin, on my, uh, in my pocket…

I used to keep a couple in my briefcase. Now that I’m independently wealthy and don’t work anymore I don’t carry a briefcase. I keep a BC wooden looper in my car.

I usually have 2 yoyo’s lately; a silver werrd minute on my descender and either a no jive or eh in my jeans pocket. Extra blueprint and cotton string in my wallet.

I always have my OD cafe racer withe and one of my DM2. But I also have my leave at work throw which is my c3 token. Also, always have string on me and my multi tool.

It depends. My holder of course in one of the colors (usually black/gold), sometimes a YYE 4 yo-yo bag (my favorite bag), and a random backpack that I can fit stuff in. I keep a yo-yo in my car, in the glove box. I keep one in my work bag too. :-\ If it’s a micro…in my pocket mostly.

Well when Im gone for a couple hours
YYF superstar in my pocket(2012 edition)
Gone for the weekend
4 yoyos in my home made travel yoyo case extra pair of response pads 10 pack of kitty nylon a video camera (in case I fell like making a yoyo movie) and my YYF multi tool

Let’s see a photo of the homemade case, if you haven’t posted it on the board already.

Ok Ill try and get one up one of these days

I generally don’t carry yoyos around with me… Yoyoing is something I do at home, something to get lost in and find solace at the end of the day.

Occasionally I might stuff a Classic or Speeder (OG) in my bag.

If I’m going away for a few days or meeting up with some other players, I’ll take my Monkey Finger Top 3 bag (usually with an original Speeder, BvM, and a Nimbus / Speed Freak), along with a Classic on a strap.

normally just 1 yoyo on a holster and sometimes a Mighty Flea, but if I’m going to be hanging out with people someone ALWAYS want’s a go, so I carry a few more;

my usual on my holster and flea
a Tom Kuhn Lightning (solid wood) looping yoyo (pocket)
and in my small YYE bag (on my satchel strap)
DM2 (set up responsive)
and a Speedaholic

My suitcase that I travel with. Inside of a sock inside of a neat little pouch that I bought a couple years ago in a boutique store.


Small DIY Case. Contains: Some Strings, some Toothpicks, new OD 10 Ball Bearing, beat-up Magicyoyo T5, ODxCLYW Summit, XCube Zeus

My yye 16 star case. It has compartments for strings, bearings, and yoyos.

here it is I made it out of a cheap star wars lunch box
it has room for 3 1A yoyos and an extra big slot for a 4A yoyo and there is extra space on top fo strings and such items