Warm weather , less pockets . How many yoyo s do you carry ?


Now that the weather is to warm for a jacket (less pocket space ) , how many yoyo s do you carry ?
I usually have about 3 on me , but today I’m gonna try just 1 .


One in my pocket then, I carry a 8 holder case in my truck. I also bring my backpack almost every where I go and I have a 4 holder case attached to that.


As a Phone-less psycho I carry three yoyos.


I just keep a t5 in my car and call it a day.


Typically one yoyo no matter what the season or weather is. On a holster but also tucked into a pocket. Take it out of the pocket when sitting down.

Fridays I might sometimes carry two if I want to play both unresponsive and fixed-axle responsive.


Normally 1 (via holster). But sometimes I carry my 808’s in my pockets (along with my 1a on holster). A certain pair of shorts I have have pockets perfect for my 808’s


Today I carried 2.
Duncan PROZ with mod spacers in holster.
Duncan Speed Beetle in pocket.


One yo-yo in my YYF holder all day.


Depends on my mood.

There’s usually at least one on me, on a holster. Usually it’s a DM2.

I have a bunch in my YYE 5-pocket bag, including an off-string and a pair of 2A yoyos(unleashed) and at least 1 set up for 5A.

Depending on time or if I feel like it, since I wear cargo shorts, maybe up to 3 others.


usually during school I have one and that changes up all the time. but today I have one and thats my new protostar

edit: or I use my duncan pouch and carry five if I’m going with my yoyo friends


My shorts pockets are bigger than my jeans. Not more than one, if at all.


Well then , yo guys all gave me some ideas . I totally forgot I have a holster , it’s in a 888 box . I’m gonna go with 3 today lol . one in my pocket by the knee in my work pants , one on holster and a small popstar in my reg pocket .


I keep one Yoyo one me on my Yoyo holster


Always just one. Typically my YYF Boss.


Anywhere from 1 to 3 yoyos, usually a 1A yoyo on a holster, or a pair of 2A yoyos, or all 3.




I carry one yoyo. Usually I just hold it, but otherwise I keep it in my CRUCiAL holster.


My pocket yoyo is my Cliff. Goes with me everywhere. I’m being serious to 59mm of goodness. Might change it up when my YYR Six arrives though.


None. I’m not a fan of yoyoing in public


Weather doesn’t matter to me, my pants are so tight I can barely put my phone in my pocket, let alone a yoyo…

If I carry a throw with me and want it to be attached to me by some way other than a slip knot on my finger I just have my YYF holster