How many


How many yoyos do you take when you leave the house? I take 2 or3




I took four last time I left…

But I only normally take one or two.


Depends. Usually 1 or 2.

When I am going to be out an extended period, 4 in my YYE medium bag.

When I as dealing with funeral stuff for my father in law, I crammed another 4 yoyos into the YYE medium bag, and an additional 4 in various pockets. Being stuck for a long time, the variety was much needed to break up the monotony of being excluded from the stuff going on.


I take 2 normally and the whole case on yoyo club days which are fridays.


I always have my main throw with me, which used to be my yyf whip but now it’s my yyj dark magic.

(JonasK) #7

I always keep one yoyo in my pocket, nothing more unless I know I’m specifically going somewhere to yoyo.


1 unless I’m staying there for a few days.

(DOGS) #9

One. Sometimes zero.


one unless I take my case. Then about 20 or so.


2 a echo and a metal drifter and 1 ripcord spin top

(Owen) #12

Usually one, but if im feeling good that day, than i take two, one for 5a one for 1a


usually about 3 to 5. Good thing I like undersized yoyos or my pockets would would freaky. jk I usually take my Cheif, Canvas, Genesis, 54, and Go big with me. I’ll usually mix it up though. I got asked what was in my pockets one day, and I was like Yoyos. They were like no way! So I said ok, i just have two gigantic phones in my pocket. Lol


I usually only carry 1, unless I go to a yoyo meet, then I have everything


Allways one…never none.


I like both looping and string tricks. So I keep a Raider Ex with me for looping and a beater DV888 for string tricks.


I try to pack light, so i’ll only bring one.


Usually 1 but lately it’s the 888 and the FHZ together. I need something to put them in besides my pockets


Most of the times, none, but when I do, depending on where I am going, I bring 1 or 2, and if I’m going to a friends house, all of them. I normally bring my Northstar, because I’m not afraid to get that dinged, and my Raider, for when I just want to use a responsive yoyo (there I would loop if there was enough space).


I bring 3 to school. I keep my POPStar and Mighty Flea in my pocket, and my Onyx in my locker.