How do you carry your yo-yo's?

When I’m just going anywhere I usually throw one in my pocket. If I go to the mall or somewhere I can perform I bring my case. I also bring my case to school because throughout the day I use all my yoyos and dont want to put them in my bag. weird, I know… but nobody thinks so because they know thats what I do

bloop, yoyo’s in pockets can be uncomfortable

What do you think of it? Does it hold it sturdy?
I have had it for two months and i love it absolutely no problems i even bought a second one!! ;D ;D


I made my own out of old strings a some d-ring clips. I usually carry two, 1a and 5a.

I carry my one yoyo in my bag. When you talk about cases, do you mean cases that were specifically designed to carry yoyos? Like the various clips sold in yoyo stores for single yoyos? Or just a random case you use for that purpose?


Backpack pocket, cargo pants pocket and a homemade yo yo holder

When we say a case, it usually refers to a case that we modify for carrying yo-yo’s. Some places sell case’s designed to hold multiple yo-yo’s but making your own is usually cheaper. The clips are usually referred to as holders since they can only cary one yo-yo. Hope that helps.

I’m a homemade belt clip kind of guy

i usually put it in my pocket :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you guys have any tips on how to make one? Or any tuts or anything? I did a quick search and didn’t find anything, I’ll go more in depth later and see but for now any advice would be great. Thanks

Bloops dude, its all about the Bloops.

OK so i tried to look it up but what is a BLOOP?
I’m guessing just a yo-yo string short loop attached to your belt loop in which you hook the yo yo on it?

Other than that to stay on topic usually my pocket is just fine for me. I would love to get a display case once i start getting some sweet throws but that’s in the future.

A belt clip I bought of a friend

Left chest pocket of whatever jacket I’m wearing at the time. I don’t see the need to carry more than one when leaving the house.

i use a pocket or bag, but if i am going somewhere like my uncles house over night i bring my case i made.

go to the onedrop cite. i dont know if they still have them though. they are very much alike to yoyonations "
Todd’s Mods Madcow Yo-Strap Yo-Yo Holder"

I either use a holder my mom made for me made of strong string and a clip or I carry it in my cargo pocket of my pants.

I use a camera holster, it can hold two of my yo-yos, one responsive, and one unresponsive, and to decorate it up, I put a YYE sticker on it.