How do you carry around your yo-yos?

Just wondering what methods you guys use to transport your numerous yo-yos.

If mine are small enough, I put them in my pocket. If they’re too big I use the yo-yo string to hook the yo-yo onto my belt hook/slot/whatever its called. It’s like the fast yo-yo holder but w/o the materials needed.

What are yours?

in a yoyo case.

Yep, i usually use a pocket. Otherwise, if I’m carrying a bunch of stuff and don’t want to be bogged down by my pockets bulging, I use a YYF fast strap.

~yo! shi!


Pockets or bag.

Yomega case.

Descriptions suck. Pictures rule :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywhoozle, I start with this:

Then I put it in this thing:

Together in harmony:

I know I dont have a very big collection, but I seriously love every one of my yoyos.

Also, I put my collection in a drawer to take up less space:

Now its time to go to bed. The drawer is closed :’(


When I bring around more than 2 yoyos, I bring em in this!
I made a small case out of one of those priority mail boxes!

And closed on the go!

Free foam from leftovers in the “FOAM ZONE” dumpster = awesome yoyo case foam!


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YYF fast holder or if I need to bring alot of my collection I bring my attache case :wink:

collection has changed since these pics to :smiley:

That’s a really formal case!

if im takin one yoyo i have a little cloth bag thing just fits on yo and some string in it and i put it in my pocket, as i only have to yoyos if im taking them both out with me or if im keeping them tidy in my room with strings etc, i use an old fishing tackle box thingy (see pics lol) cut out some foam for my yoyos and one for my multi-tool pliers and spare bearings etc. and a compartment for strings.


Fast yoyo holder

I store mine in a Priority mail box and carry them in pocket. If I carry all my yoyos, I have a bag made to hold ski wax which I can click on.

in general, see avatar.

i also have a timbuk2 “man-bag”, which i carry if i’m going out with my son. i generally keep one wood yo-yo and one bearing yo-yo in there, along with other necessities like a harmonica, moleskine, diapers, cheerios, and a bali-song.

when i go to a contest, i pack pretty light and just toss a couple in a bookbag. i’ve got a couple fancy metal and plastic cases, but who wants to carry THAT around with your pals all day? (“Hey yo-yo friends i’ve known for years! Look at how many YO-YO’s I HAVE!!!”) at home i’ve literally got a “yo-yo room” and have my 100 or so favorites on the walls in golf-ball displays. others are in cold storage in various sterilites and drawers, and under the couch cushions.

I went out and bought a pistol case, from a local outdoors store. If anyone has any questions after reading this, I’d be happy to answer them.

The pistol case came with a bunch of foam so you can have multiple layers for storing pistols (not in MY case). I took the top layer and cut holes out of the foam. I used a 1.5" PVC coupler as a template. Then I glued another piece of foam to the bottom to create a cup in the foam circles. The yoyo’s fit snug, no rattling around. In the bottom, I glued down some pieces of hard foam (very plastic feeling, not styrofoam) to create ‘shelf’ for the top foam to sit on evenly, and to have a space for accessories. In the bottom I can keep my strings, silicone, razorz, lube, and a small pouch where I keep all of my spare bearings, shims, caps, etc. etc.

It cost me about $15 plus time. And best yet, it’s lockable! It was a fun project, and is so very useful. In the last picture you can see the PVC coupler and exacto knife I used to cut holes; the seam where I glued the pieces of top foam together; the key that allows me to lock the clips of the case to thwart intruders; and the contents of my blue pouch. I hope you all enjoy it, and maybe it’ll give someone ideas!

just in my pocket, but if i am carrying around more i put them in a case i made out of a shoe box. ;D

What are those YYJ Bi-Metals?

I only use 1. I just pick up one and I carry it in my pocket for the day. I have a case if I am going somewhere but I usally pick up my lyn or something.

i made a holder similar to a FAST one with a carebiner and some yarn :stuck_out_tongue: but i usually use my pocket

I use pocket but I’m going to buy fast holder and when I will have more yoyos I will make or buy some case.