your travel yoyo case?

Hey guys!
i would jus like to know how many yoyos you take in your case when you travel, or if you have a seperate case for traveling. if you do have a case for traveling, how many yo-yos are in there? my last question is if you have a hard or soft cover case.

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Soft case that holds 5 yoyos.

I will have a hard case that holds 5 yoyos once I get some foam and cut circles in it. I’m just too lazy.

I have a soft homemade case that holds 14. Bring that pretty much everywhere.

Depends on the trip and purpose.

If I’m just going on a meet, then I might take everthing, but that’s OK, it’s in cases and ready to roll.

If I’m just heading on a trip, such as I did a few weeks ago to Disneyland, it was what would fit in my YYE medium bag. 4 in the pockets, another 4 in the back, and an off-string clipped on a sling on the outside. I didn’t have any time to throw AT ALL. Hard to push a stroller with 2 kids in it AND throw a yoyo.

I have a case that holds 72, 2 cases that hold 36 each, and another case that I’m not sure how many it holds, One area I worked on for that case holds 24, I forget how many the lower portion that holds off-strings was designed to hold. I think 10 or 12? I forget.

I’ve been traveling back and forth between home and school every week, and I tend to take a few yoyos. There’s a perfect pocket in my backpack right on the top, that is super shallow, and I can’t think of a function better than carrying yoyos. The Sceptre is my holster throw and is part of my daily effects.

I keep the rest in my actual case at home.

my pocket…

My case holds 2 yoyos, it’s my left pocket and my right one


Really? My pockets hold three each, I just look really funny waddling around.

I usually keep one in the car just in case I forget to bring one along with me :wink:

Well before I’d carry my yye small case around with me every where but as soon as my yyj bag comes I’m going to be selling the yye bag on BST

wow lots of you guys have different ways of traveling with your yo-yos and that GREAT!!! jusst in case some of you were wondering, i mean taking your case to general places like disneyland, large trips, small trips, or even the mall, family, friends houses, anywhere basically!!! so ya keep the posts coming :wink:

Does the YYJ bag also have a slot for a laptop? And how many yoyos does it hold?

I would recommend against taking your case INTO Disneyland.

They had no problem with my DM2 on my holder, but when I had my medium bag on me when I went to walk from the hotel, through the promenade and then onto the Downtown Disney District, they try to give you some crap over it. I just explained that I also had my money in there(I did) and was going to do some shopping. They said “just don’t use them in the park” and let me through.

BTW, the YYE medium bag also makes a decent camera bag if your camera fits nicely!

Haha that’s a cool story studio42! I will definitely remember that next time I go to Disneyland! :D. Oh and for mx. Yoyo I believe the yoyojam case holds 12 I think and I’m not sure about it holding a laptop but I know it can fit an iPad.

I only brought 4 yoyos to Italy with me…worried about them getting stolen.

My backpack

Bring them with you as carry-on if need be.

A sister in law took the $750 new laptop I gave her to Africa for her Peace Corps joke of a trip(sorry, the people want the Peace Corps to wipe their rears, so to speak, not actually learn from then help trying to be provided). Anyhow, she checked her laptop onto a plane. I know for a fact once it hit that conveyer, it never left the airport, it went home with some thief.

I find if you have a method to carry something, and you tend to carry it everywhere, you don’t tend to lose stuff or them being stolen. Also, I don’t think most people know or care about the prices of yoyos, assuming them to be relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.

I use a yyf fast holder and it holds one yo-yo. normally it’s my good-ol’ DMII. But I really need a new holdster one it’s getting old and breaking

Get a Toxic holder! Made of 500 lb. resistant para-cord.