Better Investment

Yeh I know I’ve been asking a lot of questions about what to get and heres another: (This is the BC Case) $14.99
or (This is the YoYoSam Case) $12.99
or should I just keep using my plastic bag and piece of destroyed foam.(Only has room for 2 yoyos dont know if I will be able to fit my new M1 I’m ordering, and it cant hold my string so I have everything in a plastic bag too.

Edit: BC Case holds 8 yoyos and accesories and yys holds 24 yoyos and accesories

Currently I have 2 yoyos ordering my 3rd and I’m probably getting some for my birthday in 3 months and I don’t know if I should get a case, I would probably end up carring my sisters Pgm also which is 4 and I have a bunch of string.

P.S. If I got the yoyosam one I’d cover up with something to do with yye  ;)(I know someone will say something about that :P)

P.S.S. I hope there will soon be a YYE case!!!  :wink: ;)(hint hint)

Please let me know what you think ;D
And if you know of a better one for under 15$ please say so :slight_smile:

I have a BC and i love it…


If this was in stock, I would say this one.

I think I have an idea that you might like. Get a case, and then I’m not talking about a yoyo case, I’m talking about a completely empty one. Go to a store where they sell foam. If you get two layers of foam, you won’t have to do some of the harder and precision work. It is good to get layers that are around the thickness of your widest yoyo. It does not have to be thicker though. Then it might “swallow” your yoyos. Now you can start to make your own case.

First of all, you have to decide if you want circle or star shaped holes. Note that star shaped holes might be a bit harder to cut out depending on what tool you are using. Now make sure that the both of the foam layers you’ve gotten fits into your empty case. If it does not fit, use a pen knife or an exacto knife to cut the foam in the right size. When the foam fits, you can start on the next step.

Note that the following instructions will go for circle holes. Get a few opened tin cans. These tin cans should have sharp edges because these are what you actually cut the holes with. Now compare the tin cans to your yoyos. Foam is stretchy, so if you want the yoyo to fit snugly, you should find a tin can with a diameter a bit smaller than the yoyo itself. Please note that you may have to use different tin cans for different holes.

Now that you have found the perfect tin can you can start with the cutting. Find a suitable place in one of the foam layers. To cut the hole, place the tin can where you want the hole to be. Now start rotating the tin can straigh down the foam. This should make a nice hole that your yoyo will fit in.

If you want to have more holes, just make them. But remember to use tin cans that is in the right proportion of the yoyo you are making the hole for. If you want star holes, you will have to mark the shape of the hole (cookie cutters are the perfect shape) and then take a pen/exacto knife and cut the whole straight down. You want to make the hole as straight as possible.

You can now fit the layer without holes in the bottom of the case. This layer is supposed to act as a “floor” so that your yoyos won’t touch the real bottom of the case. Then place the layer with holes on top of that. I have heard that some people prefer to glue layers together. This might be a good idea if the top layer pops off when you take out your yoyos. If you don’t want to buy two layers, you can cut the holes in a certain depth, but then you have to be careful and not cut too deep. The good thing is that you can sutomize the depth. If you want to, you can get a laye of the cool bumpy foam. This can be used in the lid/top of your case.

Addment: If you really want a YYE case, stick some YYE stickers on the one you made.

Second addment: If you find any missing information in this post, tell me. It’s one hour until midnight here so I am a bit tired.

Hope I could be to any help.

Yeh I made one, its the one I’m using and I did a bad job so I dont wanna go buy some more stuff to make another one :-\

Isn’t that one 30$ though ???

Can you fit a bunch of string in there ???

I would make my own. There’s a way here:,642.0.html You can just put it in any box, I use a pencil case, travel light. Just like two yoyos.

Still. If you make never try again, you will never get better at it.

Can’t find foam!

i’ve already tried and I didnt do good job and it doesnt have room for a third one.  I’d rather buy one with same amount of money then buy foam and stuff :-[

I think you can get it at a Wal-Mart (we don’t have those in Norway but I have heard someone say that you could). If not, I found some websites for foam:

Hope you find anything fitting.

Will I could try but then my mom is really busy and shes not home thursday and friday I have a tutor and I go to my dads and we live on a farm and I probably have to plant some seeds or bulbs

also i could buy a case proffesionally made for a little more than how much foam i’d go through trying to make one, i mean there both less than 15$ and they’ll be 100x better than what i made and I spent 2 whole days making mine

I say that you should go for the case that carries 8 yoyos. I highly doubt you are going to get 21 more yoyos soon.

It’s how you get there, not what you get.

lol yeh samad, but hey its cheaper though, yeh probably getting the bc one though!! might order today ;D but then risk me not having money for m1 or g5 becuase i have 59$ with me and i get my report card friday and im sure im getting 30$ but if i spend 20$ on case that leaves me 39$ now and then 69$ friday if i do get 30$ hmm probably wait till friday… :’(

actually 18.68 for me swo im gonna wait :’( :-X :-[

IMO cases dont matter that much,I keep all my yoyos in a shoebox that I carry everywhere.

You want an easy way? Get a plastic pencil case. Drill two holes, 1/2 inches away. Do that on the other side. Secure rubber bands in between. Line the bottom with felt/cloth/foam.etc Just put your yoyos in between the rubber bands, and you can wrap it around.

Actually my dad gave me a cameracase he doesn’t use and it has dividers so I use that, I can hold 3 yoyos and accesories

I have $60 gift card to a super art/crafts store that I will be using soon. They have ALL SORTS of cool stuff, pimpin’ case and counterweights here i come!!! :smiley: