Yoyo cases

I didn’t have much to do today, so I used stuff around my house to make some yoyo arts and crafts. I turned a metal toolbox into a yoyo case, as you can see in the pictures below.

Post your homemade yoyo cases below!

This is the toolbox itself. It’s made of a sturdy metal and has started to rust a little, but that doesn’t matter at all.

When you open it up there is a tray you can keep small “trinkets” or stuff like that in. :slight_smile:

It comes out!

The good part! This is my collection (excluding my loopers), it’s not much but hopefully there will be more to come. I used foam from a camping mat. I cut rectangular sections out of it (3), stacked them up and cut holes in it for my yoyos. The holes didn’t come out perfectly :-[ but it sort of helps to keep the yoyos in place :slight_smile:

Hope you liked it!! ;D ;D ;D

nice job!


I’m converting a Husky 3-drawer tool box to a yoyo case. I’m gonna get more heavy into that after July 20th or so. I might use an area for my gyroscopes

Right now I have a case that used to hold CD’s in binder-type sheets that I’ve ripped out soe innards and am going to convert that into a 12-yoyo case.

Very nice man! What’s that wooden throw you have there? I ignorantly assumed it was a No Jive at first but it looks like a circular “axle capture” (?) rather than the iconic hex nut.

I also see a bit of concave around the axle nut. Pretty interesting.

I got this 5 peice circular cookie cutter set off of Amazon for like $20. I really only needed the one size. I’m using 3 of the 5 sizes. It’s really thick and durable. Nice stuff, good investment. Plus I can do cookies too if I want to.

What I do is press the cutter HARD into the foam, then use a box cutter with the blade fully extended, and I then cut AROUND the cutter. It’s kind of hard but it’s not that difficult. Then, after that, see where you are, then re-insert the cookie cutter and turn and press. The joint will do your cutting. Be patient. It works pretty nice and gives you cleaner cuts.

After that, I have another trick I use involving spray glue and felt but that’s not always needed.

I figured this stuff out on making tiny adjustments to a pre-made case I bought. I then had to figure out the cutting technique on the foam I finished cutting on Thursday. Doing the razor blade cut helped me improve cutting times through 2" foam tremendously. I just need to find a firmer foam that is easier to cut, and preferably in black.

For my next case project, I do need to buy different foam. What I have now isn’t big enough.

I cut out 5 circles, 3 that are 54 mm, 2 that are 48 mm, and one that is 39 mm out of pink foam. I put that peice of foam in my USPS shipping box, and carry that around.

I was lazy and just bought it off YoYoExpert. XD

Good eye! You’re right, it is a no jive. ;D

You can go to any outdoors store and buy a foam sleeping mat for about five bucks, and that will give you a lot of dense foam. I cut out 3 rectangular peices and stacked them up.

Is your Husky case going to be portable, or more of a static case? I had the same idea, except with the Craftsman 3-drawer, but it looked a bit bulky.

I wish they still sold those Black Star cases. If anyone can recommend

Do you guys think that this toolbox would be suitable for yoyos (I can’t find pictures of the inside, so if any of you guys can help, I would appreciate it)?

The problem I forsee is that it may be able to hold only one layer of yoyos (Haven’t seen innards). Plus, it looks a bit heavy/big and I want it to be portable…

I wish they still made those Black Star cases. If anyone has recommendations for a yoyo case, please tell. I would prefer a hard case because of the durability and protection they offer, and a toolbox seems to fit this description. The one in the OP looks awesome! One of the best cases I’ve seen! That toolbox seems like the perfect case!  Something like that would be cool.

This looks great!! It has lots of drawers that would be good for yoyos, and smaller drawers with compartments for strings, axles, or bearings. The only downside is that it costs $80  :( 
Mine costed me $0  :wink:

The Husky case might not get converted. I might actually need it for tools now! But the concept was for it to be portable. It’s already too heavy without any modifications. But I also have a small hand truck I use to lug my stash around.

The Craftsman one you displayed would work fine, but from a “looks” perspective, it’s kinda falling flat. You can always add foam layers. Cover the bottom with foam for support and to prevent dings and you’re gold.

Same here. I still have intentions on creating another case just so I can have something that I made. I wound up picking up the 8-yoyo capacity YYE contest bag. I typically put 8 of my favorite throws in there, and squeeze a couple loopers, string, bearing tool, and stickers in the upper zipper area.

I also have a fishing tackle box I bought at Walmart. It has seperate dividers in it however the yoyos tend to move around a lot in their compartments. It’s a ‘stay at home’ case where spare parts, less used yoyos, and non-operational (needs silicone) yoyos live.

I wish I read that before I hit Joann’s today. Something for the next project!


Poker chip set I turned into a yoyo case. Black circles are speakers that I can plug my iPhone into. Pretty awesome

Instead of buying that, geta can of hunt’s tomato paste, empty it, wash it, cut around the circumfrence of it (so it’s nice and sharp), set it where you want a hole, apply a little bit of pressure, and twist. Works Perfect! ;D

It wasn’t quite the diameter I wanted. I tried it on a test piece of foam. Worked great, but the size was just a tiny bit too large.

Right now I have a method that works with cutters the right sizes for what I need to do. I may get a grinding drill bit and sharpen the cutters.

an aluminum case for a tool. put some foam in it, dyed it (dark camo), and yes that’s a save deth sticker on the side :smiley:

oh yeh, that is true with undersizes

A star shaped die works best, but it needs a firmer foam and then it needs to be put into a press to really slice through the foam. “Strong arming it” doesn’t get the job done. I may see about getting a nice set like the round ones I got and then dremel those to a nice edge, then get an X-Acto knife for a future project. I did buy a star shaped one, but that one quickly got crushed, it just wasn’t up to the task. 2 cuts and done. 22 to go… not a good start. Paid extra to ship it and then the slacker took a week to drop it in the mail.