Foam for cases?



So I’d like to make my own storage case for my yoyos, and the part that has me stumped is the foam - Where do you get that grey foam with holes cut in them for yoyos?

I realize I could probably find some kind of foam at a home renovation store, but how would I go about cutting nice, perfectly-sized-and-spaced holes into it? Even more ambitious, I’d want star holes in my foam, since the standard circles don’t really handle the variety in yoyo diameters very well.

Ideally, does anyone cut and sell the foam to my own dimensions? If not, can anyone please share how they went about doing it?

Thanks so much!


I built my own case… if you choose to as well, here are some pointers:

  1. Only use high-density foam, not regular foam.
  2. I used a 2" circular drill bit with teeth to cut the circles, the foam will stretch enough to fit most yoyos (obv not Go-bigs and other 4a)
  3. If you do drill the holes in the foam, make sure the foam is VERY secure, or it will just twist around and go nuts.

good luck.

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You can usually buy foam in sheets from a craft store, like Joann’s or something.

If you are concerned about difficulty in making a foam case yourself and are interested in other easier options, there is a Stanley parts sorting toolcase that you can get at most walmart stores for ~$8. I got one and lined it with a heavy felt and it fits about 12-14 yoyos perfectly. The foam protects the yoyo’s and the clear plastic cover puts them all on display. I really like mine.

Or if you want to be bohemian about it, you can chuck your yoyos in a plastic bag with a towel and bark alot. :wink:


In all my cases I’ve used cushion foam, like the stuff you’d find at a crafts store or the home & crafts section in a retail store.

I cut the end off a tomato paste can and sanded the edges sharp then used a clockwise motion to cut clean, 2" diameter holes.

As for star-holes, I’d imagine your best bet is tracing a star pattern and using a utility knife.

There are sites that will custom cut tons of different types of foam to your required dimensions for your case.


I have purchased high density foam from these two sources in the past:

I thought they both shipped equally slow, but just my opinion.  I used the tomato paste can method described above. I suggest using a clockwise motion only, and not twisting back and forth, which may cause jagged edges on your holes.  It is a fast, neat way to make the holes.

You may want to check this out, and if you document your progress…feel free to post here too:,59350.msg619401.html#msg619401

Last case I made:
YYE Case 1 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


When we made cases for the High Speed YoYo store Brett would buy it from Foam By Mail. Good selection but can be slightly high. I have had good luck with the foam from JoAnn Fabric. Only downside is that they only seem to stock seafoam green.


You can customize the sizes by yourself with pick n pluck.


I contemplated pick-n-pluck, but it just did not have the same visual appeal to me.  I thought about it long and hard, but never gave it a try.  It’s nice to give the OP some alternatives though.  Maybe I’ll try it sometime on a case.  Has anyone tried it, and liked it?

I’m going to make a custom case for my micro throws, but due to varying sizes, I’ll have to find some small circles to trace, large coins or bottle caps maybe.  Each hole will be made for a specific yo-yo.  I have everything from a Token to a Flea.  Maybe I’ll take on that project today.


Not sure if your interested in it but a dremel works fantastic. The little wire wheel, angled, is good for hogging out the larger section then a sanding drum attachment to clean up. Makes a mess but if you take your time the possibilities are endless.

Some foam manufacturers offer custom cutting options for the ultimate in clean cuts. Pricey but if your looking for something special it can be an option.


Thanks mullicabob :o I have a Dremel and some attachments, and never thought to use that for the foam. I previously used an Xacto knife, which cut the foam very well, but hard to cut around in a circle cleanly. The cuts appear jagged. If I still use the knife, I can clean the hole up by sanding it down with the Dremel.

After looking at my attachments, my Dremel seems too basic. Do I have the cutting tool you mentioned? I’m sure I could find it at the hardware store if it’s not one of these:

I bought some additional sanding ones awhile back, and have plenty for that:

Let me know what attachments you think might work best. Thanks again.


In the top section of your sanding kit, on the right side of the array of bits, is a sanding drum. You don’t appear to have the wire wheel.


The wire wheel is missing from the kit. The one I use is sold in an individual pack. It has silver bristles and is angled at 45 degrees. I’ll try to take a pic of it later.

One other good tool is a long razor blade they sell at Home Depot. In the rug department its used in a scrapper of some sort. About 4 to 5 inches long and sharpened on one side. Works very well to cut straight through in one shot. Coping saw blade, fine tooth, can help with holes as well. Snip of the little tab on one end then plunge straight through. Proceed to cut while maintaining 90 degrees.

I like to cut my holes so the yoyo stands up. You can see the half and half guys that way and more fit in the case. Just me though.


This is how I made my case. I just bought the hi-density foam from joann. It only comes in green, but that doesn’t bother me. I think there is such a thing as foam dye, but i don’t really know if it’ll work too well on green.


I figured I had the sanding one, but knew that other one I’d have to pick up for cutting. I have a basic Dremel that came with few attachments. No problem to pick one up though. When you have time, a pic would help me out a great deal, so I know which one to get. I have a hole saw attachment 2" size, but the metal looks thick, and I planned to use that for the last case, but wasn’t so sure it would work. Never tried that one. I think Stickman uses that method to make his holes.

The Xacto knife was great, but they are a short blade as you know, and you have to cut in deep to get all the way through the foam. Good ideas in here. Thanks a lot.


My case has pick n pluck. I love it!


Pick and pluck is highly effective. But takes the fun out of cutting your own.


I have found the easiest way to cut the holes in foam is to use a tomato paste can.

I follow the technique used in this video. Works like a charm. For smaller yo-yos like my Dingo, Ministar, and even my Novus Containers I cut a square hole allowing them to sit vertical.


I don’t see how using a can to puncture holes is “fun”. But I do love seeing custom cases.


Would you mind showing us your case?  I’d love to see.  :slight_smile:


Which one do you think looks the best?