where to get foam to make a yoyo case?


where to get foam to make a yoyo case?
I want to make one because I saw a video on it from youtube on how to make your own yoyo case and I was just wondering where can I buy foam?
A hardware store such as home depot,Lowes,Ace etc…
can anyone give some suggestions
thankyou :slight_smile:


I’ve found Joanne’s to be a good place. They make this seat cushion foam up to 2 inches. That’s what you want. I think the green is higher density. There’s other places, but I’m not finding stuff I really like.

If you want pick and pull foam, you have many options but you’ll need to mail order it. It won’t be too expensive.


where can I order some I just want to know for the future when I decide to buy some


it’s most likely cheaper just getting it from joanne’s. They have printable 40% off coupons fairly often. If you’re looking for a place to order it from though, just google “high density foam for sale”


Quick question. How to you cut the foam to make a nice clean cuts like in the yo-yo cases sold here?


Personally, I use a typical can (the type drinks are sold in, not soup). Cut the can in half carefully, then twist it into the foam with a good bit of force. When you get through the foam, just pull the can up and you’ve got a perfect circle!


For mid-to-full-sized yoyos, a 355ml soft drink can is too big for my tastes.

Tomato paste can (the wee little ones! Can’t remember the volume). Can opener opening it sideways instead of top-down leaves an edge to it. Perfect circles, perfect size for 90% of my throws. The bigger ones will still go but it’s extra-snug. Recently had a spare can, so I used tin snips and cut a strip out of it end-to-end, taped it back together. It was much flimsier than a can with one end still intact (you need to take off both ends to cut the strip), but with some CARE, made a perfect hole for undersized throws.

These things have sharp edges, so please be careful.


I bought a set of steel cookie cutters and I us the 2.25" star-cut cutter. I smash it down, then cut around it using a scapel, X-acto knife or box cutter. It’s a lot of work, a pain in the rear and time consuming. I only do 6 holes a day. The advantage of using the 6-point star is that it will hold from under-sized to over-sized securely.

Round cuts just don’t work good for me. They are either too big, too small or just right. If something isn’t in the just right category and too small, it’s loose. If it’s too big, it’s OK but not great. “Just right” is nice.


I ordered some from Foam By Mail (Foam Factory) two weeks ago. I got 1/3 sheet of the 2 in charcoal firm packaging foam for about 40 bucks shipped. The ordered arrived in about a week and I am very happy with it so far. It’s easily enough to do 4-5 tool cases, top and bottom.

I always use a tomato paste can for the holes, and have had problems with undersized throws being loose in the past. But the firm foam is holding them well if I put them in gap up rather than cup side up.

I actually made an unboxing video of the foam (lol) but haven’t uploaded it yet.