Foam question

What’s the best website to order foam to make my own case?

amazon. Cheap and fast.

If I remember correctly, Brett ordered foam from of all the cases that we use to sell in the High Speed store.


Can you supply a link? I can only find floor mats and yoga mats. I use a sleeping pad for camping for my cases.  You can find anything on Amazon if you know where to look. :wink:

Anyone have any luck with the pick and pluck foam?

Except for yoyos.

Many people have, but to me it looks rather sloppy.

That foam on Amazon is awfully expensive for what you’re getting. I bought some upholstery foam at Wal Mart for about $16 and I was able to make like 5 cases with it.

I use for my foam needs. I pick the dimensions, and it comes custom cut to the size I selected. They ship slow, but I get high quality, high density foam, in the color I want, in the size I want. Bottom line is satisfied. I made this one with the foam awhile back:

I got some bed foam at Hobby Lobby for $13, I like it. Made my case any my brothers!

I spent a LOT of time looking at foam online and found prices+shipping to be a deal-breaker for small quantities. For one case, I’d say you’re probably better off finding a local fabric or upholstery shop. I ended up going into a local fabric shop and getting a 2sq ft piece of gray foam for $7. If they have scrap, you might even get a better deal.

I plan to have my case for a lifetime and want the foam to endure wear and tear while keeping shape, so I never mind paying extra for the better quality, cleaner, and easier to cut stuff. It depends on what kind of case you are making, how you want it presented, and how durable you want it to be. There is also bulk foam on the auction site if you are looking for random foam on the cheap. Punch in the keywords, and you will find results.

If you don’t mind green, JoAnn Fabric has 1 inch thick foam. I have used it in cases in the past and it worked great… it was just mint chocolate chip ice cream green. ;D

Haha. I’ve seen some Youtube videos about taking white foam or other colors and using Rit Dye to dye it black. It is messy, but it works. You basically put the dye in water, dip the foam in, let the color take to it, ring it out, set it out to dry, and whoala…you have a different color foam. I find the process messy, but it is an option if you want to use it.

Wal*Mart in Ottawa has foam of reasonable size and density. Can’t remember what section it was in…

Then I used a tomato paste can to cut the holes, which is a pretty clean and easy way to do it. Just remember to take the top off the can such that it leaves an edge rather than the rolled aluminum. :wink:

I got a sheet of 2" high density foam from Joann fabrics for like $6.50 i think and it works great and it was white which I liked a lot and It looks nice.

i used foam by mail and I’d have to say I’m satisfied.

This is YYE and referencing other stores, selling yoyos and yoyo supplies, is in violation of the rules. skitrz
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Joann Fabrics usually has some foam, and plastic containers. I bought materials for a case for about $10 there.

All the stuff I found at local stores usbt dense enough for me. Gonna order online I think