Making a case, buying foam locally?


So if Im unable to find a decent priced case I might just try and make one myself by buying a Poker case, maybe I can find one super cheap on craigslist? Ill see. Or maybe at Fred Meyer around the Lock box section (doesnt have to be locked but thats the only place I can imagine something that would work besides a poker case).

Anyways I am just wondering where you can buy foam locally? Michaels or any other craft store maybe? What do I ask for, “bulk black foam”?

Also what do I use to cut the holes?

I might be out of my league here and might just have to find one that someone else has but maybe it would be cooler to do myself, then I can have a bigger case! =).


Type of foam doesn’t matter too much, just pick something that’s cushy and cheap, and make sure it doesn’t flake or rip off too easily. Most of us use a sharpened tomato can to cut holes. I think a Red Bull can fits well too. Basically just slice one of the sides off and sharpen and smooth those edges off. Then you press them down onto a hard surface and twist to cut the foam. If you’re having trouble cutting the foam, I’ve heard that you can freeze the foam for a while and it won’t squish so much, making a cleaner cut. I haven’t tried this myself though.

Another method that isn’t used so much anymore is heating up something so that you can just burn/melt a shape that you want. use this in conjunction with a metal can if you can’t bother to get those things sharp. You can also use this with a star-shaped cookie cutter so that you get a star hole. This lets you put any diameter yoyo in there essentially, because if you need to put a larger diameter yoyo in, the points can fold AND squish down, as opposed to a circle where they can only stretch to accommodate a larger throw. It leaves a nasty looking goop though, so if you want it to look great, this is probably not the best option. You could shave it off with a razor though and it will look fine.


Okay I might try that, thank you very much. I heard Joe Ann’s Fabric would have foam more than Micheal’s craft stores Ill have to go look! =).

Are we allowed to use real store names on here? As long as they arent online yoyo stores right? =)