Questions about case-making

Where can I get some foam for a case, how to make holes in the foam, and how to keep the foam in?

Not sure where you could procure the foam stateside, but if you cut it out just right, it should sit in the case on its own without any assistance. As for the holes, an old tomato paste tin with the top cut off seems to be the easiest way. There are a few videos on youtube that take you through the entire process.



Joann’s sells 2" foam in white and green.

I also recommend against the tomato paste can method, but here’s why:

If you can get a 2.25" star 6-sided star-cut due, it will make a better shape for holding a wider range of yoyo sizes, but will be extremely hard to cut. I basically press the cookie cutter as hard as I can into the foam, then cut around it with an X-Acto knife. It’s easily 5 times the work as the tomato can method.

As far as keeping the foam in:
Don’t toss your cut-outs, especially for the round cuts. Have the foam pressed out a bit on one side. The reason being is you’re going to cover that side with spray adhesive, and the cut-outs will block the glue from going in the hole. Use felt to glue as a backing to the foam to reinforce it. Before sticking the felt to the foam, REMOVE the cut-outs by pushing them THROUGH the side you sprayed the adhesive on. Let cure for a couple of hours and you should have little to no glue inside the holes and the felt is well secured. You can then spray glue on the back of the felt to secure into the case. If you want, you can cut the felt lo make a flap, which is good because you can use that flap to prevent metal yoyos from clinking together. when you’re opening and closing the case.

If you’re BAC, I can show you what I’m talking about. I’ll have all my cases there.

If you make your foam about 1/4" larger than the width of the case, tension will keep it in.

Go to Joan’s Fabrics for foam