Making a case

So I was hunting around the house, and this little case spotted my eye just sitting there in a corner, so i got an idea to make a homemade yoyo case out of it.

What do you guys think of the find? suitable for maybe 5-6 or so yoyos? and one other question for the people who make their own case, where do you guys get foam from?

The case itself measures about 11" x 8.5" x 2"

I have a case very similar to that. Fits 6 with in styrfoam cut outs comfortably. Good luck!

You can get foam from many fabric and craft stores. I know near me Joann carries foam. I’m not sure about Michael’s, I just haven’t looked hard enough.

I have a case I’m going to make when I get back form my little trip that should hold 12 yoyos. I have to use 1" foam in this case, where I’d rather use either 1.5" or 2" foam. The foam will then be glued to a felt backing and then the backing glued into the case.

in that big of a case you’re only fitting 6?
I just checked with a piece of paper, you could easily fit 12 in there. You don’t really need a whole lot of room between each yoyo, maybe a like a cm space, if even that much. Just lay out all of your yoyos on top of the foam to plan out the design before you cut it.
As far as foam, like studio said, fabric stores should sell it. Buy the high density green foam, 2 inches thick.
To cut the wholes, I find it best to use a hunts tomato paste can (the small one). Just open up the can, cut off the top rim thing, and there you go. you have a sharp circle with a diameter slightly smaller than your average yoyo. Lubricate it with soapy water before you cut each hole so it goes in easily.

If you want you can dye the foam. It’s what I usually do, because I’m not a big fan of the green. (although 2" also comes in white)

I find the Hunts can a little too big. I have undersized stuff and they slip out with that size hole. But that’s been my experience.

As far as the green, yeah, it kinda sucks. The white isn’t as dense though, it doesn’t hold up as well. You can still dye the green foam black or whatever, it just takes longer. DO NOT BLEACH, it will break down the foam.

A definitely interesting idea on the 12 setup i might do maybe an 8 setup on the bottom then have a cut out for bearings, lube, string, then maybe have some separate cutouts for counter weights which i have a whole pack of dice i could turn into counter weights when i get to learning that.

something i thought would be cool would be using the bottom at the top to house some throws in theory i would be able to fit 24 in this case top and bottom with a foam liner between if i wanted. im probably just gonna cut the holes as i get more throws, right now i own nothing but undersized.

yeah, most undersized unfortunately don’t fit that well in the tomato paste can holes. They have about the same diameter as each other, so they don’t stay very well. I’m still looking for a good alternative that will house both undersized and oversized throws.
Oh, and if you have any 4a yoyos, then I found a campbell soup can to be a good size. I’ve fit an aquarius in the tomato paste can size hole, but it’s a pretty tight fit.

Another alternative is you could put 3 rows of 3, then in between each row, kind of diagnol to the yoyos, you could make small holes using some type of bottle cap for counterweights. When I initially did this I just used a plastic cap off of a water bottle (the bigger caps. not the new “plastic saving” caps)

I get my foam at Joann fabrics near my house. I make cases for other people and dye the foam with Rit dye. You just have to make sure you dry the foam out really well and don’t use any heat source to dry it.nsinceni make about 7 cases a week I purchased a drying unit that dries the foam in a couple hours. I have cases close to the same size and fit 8 throws in them. I’ll be putting up my online store soon so feel free to check it out sometime next week. Just look for Moxy YoYo on Facebook.

God luck with the case! If I can help in any way just pm me!