Looking to make own Yoyocase

Hey guys,

I have recently run into a problem that I’m sure a great many of you have run into on this forum- I am running out of places to store my yoyos. I’m sure many of you have yoyo cases, but I have a question for those who have created their own: what is the best way to do it? I remember researching this topic a few years ago and saw how you can soak foam and cut holes to store yoyos. What is the best gun case syle package to get? Any help would be appreciated.



cigar boxes work nice ask TA

I know there are gun cases that come with foam that’s made of tiny cubes that are still slightly connected. The little cubes are connected strong enough so they don’t fall apart, but they’re really easy to cut or tear out so you can make custom shaped slots for whatever you need to store. I don’t know of any that I can point you towards, but I know they’re out there.

Also, if you’re looking for a high quality case, look at Pelican cases. Not sure if they have the cube foam, so you might have to cut the foam some other way, but the cases are really high quality, albeit a bit spendy.

I’m guessing the best place to find the foam is Lowe’s or Home Depot? Also, when cutting foam (i’ve never done it), what is the best way to get a clean cut? I’ve seen some people online use a soup can or tomato paste can. Do you need to wet the foam or put soap on the can? Thanks for the help guys! I’ll also look into those pelican cases.

Cutting foam…

Soup cans work nice, no need to wet them. Another good method is to use a hole saw in a drill. Run it backwards to avoid shredding the foam.

You can usually find foam at a fabric shop or craft store.

Vashek mentioned in an interview recently that he puts the foam in a freezer and freezes it first which makes it easier to cut. I’m not sure whether this is actually the case or not since I’ve never tried it, but if it’s good enough for the Czechs…

Man I wish I tried to freeze my foam before, but oh wells. Well recently I made my own yoyo case since I’ve wanted to make one for over 10 years but never really got to do so since I stopped throwing for a long while. I made one since I was doing a show/workshop teaching kids how to yoyo doing basic stuff and wanted to have something somewhat presentable…presentable enough as well as to carry.

So I went out and bought an old laptop case at a goodwill ($6, brought a couple of throws with me to make sure it has enough height clearance), used some old high compression foam I bought many years ago when I needed to transport expensive tech stuff in my old job when I traveled. I believe I bought the foam at a Joan’s fabric store (although it only came in light green), sheet of 3’x5’ for $15-20, I still have a 3x3 sheet left so enough to make a couple more cases. I was wanting to use a can but I was in a hurry and it was 4am in the morning and this only took me an hour to make (shows in the cleanliness of my work, lol). I used a Duncan Mosquito as my template size since the foam should compensate for slightly larger throws without much effort, found an ocean spray gallon bottle plastic cap of the same size, scored the foam for me to cut along using a long box cutter (remember, 4am…I didn’t really care if it looked clean, it just had to work, I’ll make a cleaner version in the future using a can or drill bit of the appropriate size)

When finished it can hold 21-30(if double stacked with 2A throws). The laptop bag also has all sorts of pockets for me to hold string, tune up stuff, gloves, etc. So it was nice and convenient, here’s a pic and don’t mind the crude craftsmanship. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also sorry for the long post.

Here is a thread on the topic:


i checked out that website foam by mail but i couldn’t figure what type of foam to get looks like I’m gonna try to make a case myself now