On the topic of cases

Any of you ever make your own yo-yo case? How’d you make it?


I hove but never got to it


Same here. Any of the cases I would want aren’t in stock anywhere. So I kind of want to make my own.

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I uhh actually haven’t made one yet but I’ve done quite a bit of research into it. Basically people generally use suitcase style boxes or something with rectangular compartments deep enough to hold a yoyo or something. Then you need some dense foam. You can find this stuff at like your local hardware store or just buy it online. For making holes, you can either make 2 cuts, forming a cross or x about 2 inches wide, or use a can slightly smaller than your general yoyo. Use a can opener to take off the top of the can and empty it to leave you with a sharp and circular cutting device, which you can use to cut the holes out. If you look at enough cases made by other people, you can start to get an idea of what they’re supposed to be like.

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Ive been thinking about getting one of these universal cases. It has little foam square partitions that you can pull out to customize the case. Good thing about these is that you can make different size holes for smaller or bigger yoyos.



I got a case similar to this one and it did not do very well. the foam blocks fell apart until i was SUPER GLUEING the blocks in. its durability didn’t last long, and it downgraded to the point where its stuffed in the back of my closet, with my worst yoyo’s hidden in it.

I would recommend a case with a solid sheet of foam so you can cut yoyo shaped holes into it.
The foam blocks are a mess.


this is the case I made it went pretty well. I wanted black foam but I didn’t feel like ordering it online. For making the case there are 5 basic steps.

  1. Find the case- pick a case that you like and is deep enough to fit a yoyo in one side. if it’s not you will have to make a one sided case like mine. I got my case for free so this part was not something I had any say about.

  2. Find your foam- I bought my foam at a local fabric shop it was intended for re upholstery. Lots of people buy it online if the color of the foam is really important to you.

  3. Lay out the foam- Cut the outside edges of your foam to match the shape of your case. Then layout the spots where you want your yoyo’s to sit. I used a sharpie and a ruler to get good straight lines.

  4. Cut the foam- use an exacto knife or some other sharp blade to cut the outside edges of the foam on the layout lines to fit it in your case. To cut the holes for the yoyo’s I used a hole saw that was about 3/4 the size of a mid sized yoyo and a drill to cut the foam. The trick is to run the hole saw backwards. (some people like to use a tomato paste can for this step, I didn’t have any luck with that, ymmv)

(optional step)- buy some felt while you are at the hobby shop and cut that into the same shape as the foam then glue it to the bottom of the foam before you move onto the next step to give your yoyo’s more protection.

  1. Glue the foam in the case- I used a spray adhesive that I had around. I’m sure Elmer’s glue would work fine in a pinch.

If you have any questions let me know. Good luck!


I’ve been wanting to make some nicer quality cases with the intent of selling them. It’s really just a matter of grabbing project foam from your local Walmart, some dye for the foam as it is usually white, and a case that you wanna fit for yoyos. The case I currently use came from a salvation army.

As has been stated above, the best way to get clean circles is by using an empty tin can, I sharpen mine with a knife sharpener, but I’ve also just used it as a guide and cut with an Xacto knife.

You can use glue to keep the foam in, but I usually just cut a half inch or so wider than needed so that tension keeps the foam in place.

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@YoYoExpertGarrett any chance of the larger YYE bag getting restocked in the future?