Foam question

Most hobby/craft shops carry foam that will suffice:

The case I made for ~15 bucks:

Had leftover foam too.

What cases are you guys putting the foam in? Curious to know where you get cases from after the foam.

I found this old case at work that was used to carry some sort of computer in. I’ll post pics when it’s done it’s going to be awesome.

I’m currently using a pelican case I got when I purchased my pistol. So it’s actually for a gun. Looks really nice.

I used an ArtBin, it is plastic, sturdy, and it locks. It comes in a few different sizes too.

There’s another company that uses that case. The ones you pointed out look a lot better.

I was getting those cases. I would glue felt to the back side of the foam(spray the foam with a cloth-oriented adhesive), punch out the cut-outs from the pre-cut foam, then apply the foam to the felt. Then, I’d glue the felt to the case so everything stays put. This helps prevent scratching and adds a touch more protection. It is more work though. I feel it’s worth it to safely transport 36 yoyos.

Everyone I see now has that case! I thought I was just a average person getting on at the hobby store, but nooo. :wink: strange.

I have tons of foam from a bulk order that was too large. . If anyone needs some i can sell off chunks of it for a small fee.

Maybe like fifteen bucks shipped or something depending on how much you need. It’s the good charcoal colored stuff that I use in the cigar cases.

I would love that I’ll take measurements tomorrow and let you know what I need.

I got a zeikos medium hard case I then cut 2 pieces of 2" foam and replaced the egg crate foam in the top. The second piece of 2" foam went under the pick and pluck that comes with the case. The case holds a total of 72.

just ordered some really nice foam from next question does everyone use the tomato can method to cut holes or do you have better ways???

Better ways? BETTER WAYS?? There is no better way!!

If you’re super-careful, you can get’r done with a Forstner bit and a drill press. I say super careful because the bit can “grab” the foam and if you’re holding tightly to the foam your reflexes may not allow you to let go in time. Don’t hold it with your hand. And go extra slow. I mean, just nutty slow.

Also, you will get foam everywhere.

If you’re using a stiffer foam, the “grabbing” is less likely to happen, so use a good stiff foam if you’re going to use a Forstner bit.

I was thinking about using a tomato can like I did for my last case but heating it up a bit. Any thoughts?

be careful heating up a cutting tool with foam most foam has toxic fumes when burned or melted.

Good point didn’t think of that. Maybe I’ll just do it without heat. Thanks

I never realized really clean holes with the tomato can, I have seen others do it with reasonable success though. I bought a hole saw blade that is 2" in diameter that cuts a beautifuly clean hole. I also recommend that whatever you use to cut your foam that you spray it with a bit of silicone spray to help lubricate the cutting process. This will help, if not eliminate the foam from grabbing the cutting tool. If you are using the tomato can, try spraying it with just a very light layer of Pam cooking spray, it will work in a pinch, but be careful not to use to much or it will make a bit of a mess of your foam and your YoYo’s.

The othere alternative is to use a regular hole saw blade and put your drill in reverse, that will stop the tearing process, and with some silicone spray on the blade will actually deliver you some nice clean holes.

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Never saw a hole saw blade like that! Regular hole saw in reverse is a good idea.

I use the tomato paste can method but I dip the cutting end in a bowl of soapy water before each cut. I have found that allows it to cut like a hit knife through butter.

Agreed. I do the same but found a slightly smaller can in the “international” aisle at the grocery store.

Thanks guys this is all great. Can’t wait to post pics of my finished case. Trying to think of a speaker set up to put in
I have small speakers in my case now but they are not loud at all. Maybe battery powered would be better.