Case Specs?

I am going to make my own case for my throws and wanted to know if these specs for a case would be decent:

(Internal) 440(l) x 315(w) x 120(d) mm

Going to make something similar to this:

I can’t related to metric  without doing conversions right now…

let’s see:
440 mm = 17.3228 height?, not bad.
315 mm = 12.4015 width, not bad.
120 mm = 4.72440 deep/thick

OK, let’s based on a 72-yoyo case I recently bought and may buy another(yeah, collection growing out of control):
6" thick by 1.5 ’ tall by 2’ wide
It has 3 layers of foam. I glued felt to the entire bottom of the middle layer AND made it long so it could be a flap to cover the TOP of the middle layer and avoid damaging what’s above and below it. it’s not as big as it sounds and it is a comfortable weight fully loaded but I wouldn’t want to go walking a mile with it in my hand, so thank goodness for the shoulder strap, which I might replace with a nylon guitar strap or some other wider, heavier strap for the purposes of both style and comfort. The case is textured and sucks for stickers.

Your case would be a top and bottom layer. Depending on how you cut it, you could get around 48 yoyos in there safetly, 24 per layer. Not bad! You can use metal star shaped cookie cutters to cut them or a round small METAL can to cut them, or some sort of other circular cutter. The thing that’s nice about the star shap is it can cut in deeper and let one size comfortably hold from undersized to oversized.

The other issue would be foam color and do you dye it or can you get it the right color

Whatever you end up doing, take your time.

If I have time, I might post photos, but I’m kinda lazy and tired today so it’s doubtful.

Thanks Studio you have really helped me out today.
48 yoyos is not bad at all, I am no where near that but at least I will be set for a good while.
Not sure about style, may be do something like keep the top foam intact and use stencils and spray over it?
Sticker won’t work on the flight case I am going to use either. :frowning:
Star cookie cutters eh? Hmm… my aim is going to make it as ‘clean’ as possible so I reckon I will create each hole individually, though that will be painfully slow.
Definitely will take time though, don’t want to make a half hearted attempt.

Please post some of your images, nice to see what you have done with it

it looks to me like brett used a toolbox, or maybe a camera case.
you can pick up a metal toolbox like that for about 20-25 bucks at a home depot. which I’m not actually sure if they have them in the uk, but I’m sure any hardware store would cary them.
I used it to make a case that worked excellently until I got more yoyos. now I’m using a 4 drawer tool box to fit all of them in.

If you use a round cutter, you can TWIST it and it will cut.

If you use a shaped cutter, just ensure you apply DOWNWARD pressure straight down. You may wish to use a block of wood larger than the cutter to apply even pressure. You’ll also want to place the foam over a soft layer of say paper towels or a cheap cloth, then a cutting board under that. The board will provide a resistive layer, while the paper towels or cheap cloth will provide a soft later that lets you press completely through the foam and should help avoid incomplete cuts at the end.

You may have to remind me. I’m working on getting my yoyo-related web site functional and I do need to take some photos. But, keep in mind, my case was pre-made and was completely store bought.

I need to get a 3-4 drawer tool box for my overflow and off-strings. The off-strings can go in the top area, while the draws and top area can be lined with foam and cut so things stay nicely in place. The bottom drawer will be where my container full of parts will reside. The drawer above that may not be completely done and will contain “beaters” for noobs to try at yoyo meets. I’ll at least line it with felt!

At any rate, glad I can be of assistance!

Okay so this is my ‘Box’ I have currently…

This is what I picked up for £20 or $32 (according to google currency).

Not bad. Got a link to the case? I’m gonna go hunt one down myself. I could use a case for off-strings.

UK Site called Maplin, they are an electronics company.

So this is where I am up to:

Not sure where to place the string and bearing. The space next to the Butterfly is for two Imperials, just for old time’s sake. Any ideas?

Any equipment I am missing?

Some people keep strings loose in the case(well, bundled).

As far as bearings, get a small plastic container and then make a spot for that.

Right now, I’m debating what I’m going to do for off-strings. I bought a tool box the other night but the more I have it, the less i’m liking it. I think i’m gong to return that and the foam and use it towards a different case. I would say I have to do something fast but I’m already too late for what I want to use it for(it’s Sunday) I see what you’re doing with the pick and pull foam and that works for me pretty good. I can always double stack some items.

2 problems with the pick and pull foam I have encountered so far are:

  1. You can’t get the desired shape. For example my Code 1 is that secure and can easily come out (not that it matters since the case is shut but aesthetics are everything) and the Duncan Butterfly is wedged in, needing more room than I am willing to give.
  2. You can’t create another layer, well not without hassle.

So this is only a short-term solution until I get some more yoyos but that won’t be for a bit. Then I will buy some proper sheets of foam and cut to size.

Wondering what colours and stencils to spray on to the case. Thinking maybe YYE colour scheme (red and black), with a YYE logo and possibly OD and YYJ logos as well. Only a quick thought…

We’re on the same page, except I have the foam and know where to get more and I’ve done additional research.

I bough this 72-holder yoyo case that is the same specs as what you bought(or close enough). It cost like $80+.
I bought one not customized for yoyos for like $36 today, I should get it in 2 days. I’ll deal with the pick and pull foam for the bottom to hold my off-strings. The top part will have the foam replaced and cut using a 6-point star cookie cutter. You want a 2.25-inch cookie cutter for this. This will hold almost any yoyo that is from undersized to just past the top of Full Sized/oversized.

If you’re trying to cut holes for some off-strings, you want the 2.75-inch cookie cutter.

If you’re going for more normal sized off-strings, you want a 3-inch cutter.

The Big Yo will need the 4" one.

The star shape means it will crush the foam a bit when you insert the yoyo and it will be hold securely and won’t move. This works in your favor.

I did this work myself. If you need specific parts, let me know. I can’t sell them to you, but I can direct you to them. I bailed on buying a few items today because I’m going to use pick and pull foam included in the case, and will line the lid in the other foam and cut that using the cutter I bought(if it arrives on time). The lid is gonna hold inexpensive yoyos that noobs can try at meets.

The other case pre-made with the foam is gonna carry my favorite stuff.