what yoyo case do you have

I made my own i dont have a picture of it but show me your case or give ideas

There are a few I like… Jason Wong makes the wood cigar boxes which are VERY nice…

I go for the hard cases made by Brett Grimes. I had the 21 case and now the 15. They are essentially poker chip cases with the foam being added and cut to fit yoyo’s. To me they are the best as they are strong and look great…

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I have A yoyosam hard case (36), infinite illusion backpack case (12), and a zeekio soft case (12)

I prefer this 3 layer yoyo case that holds 72.

Older shots. Sorry.

Layer 1:

Layer 2:

Layer 3:

It’s essentially 3 of the same thing. All layers are removable.

I also have 2 of the YoYoSam cases, and a Zeekio case with the pick and pull foam. I put some green foam in the top layer to hold 24 and the bottom is cut to hold 15 off-strings through removing the pick and pull foam

I also have some other items. These Stanley cases I got from Home Depot work OK, but they do need some lining for better protection. Might have to use some of that left-over pick and pull foam.

Studio, is that a Mutant DNA (pink/orange with black splash)?! If you ever wanna get rid of that, give me a message 8)

Yes it is, and it’s a permanent item! It’s a B-grade I picked up at BAC. It has 2 small ano flaws. Plays flawless.

I have the YYJ Yoyo bag I love it! Soo many pockets!

That’s what I’m using nowadays also.

How much does Brett charge for the cases?

i took a swisss army laptop case from target and slapped some black foam in that mother lover. its got nuff room for all my stuff and throws plus more for anything else i wanna carry. best 40 bucks ive ever spent. 8)

He does not make them anymore. His store no longer exists.

I was working out of various YYE contest bags, but I decided to splurge a little for the display case and keep it real classy


YYE Medium Contest bag FTW!!

A large yye case 24.

I have The yoyo expert large contest bag in orange

I’m liking that display. I recently bought what they called a Shot glass display from Michael’s(a craft store), it was similar to yours, except there were vertical separators as well so there were kind of little boxes. It was cool and looked nice with most of my stuff, but my biggest yoyos didn’t fit right, so I ended up taking it back :frowning: I’m going to be looking for one similar to what you got now.

Orange medium contest bag, holds everything well except my token and mighty flea.

I only have a Small YYE Contest Bag. It’s a great grab-and-go bag. However for basic storage it was full the day I got it so I NEED something bigger

I think we should clarify what we’re looking for.

There’s a few categories.

We can have storage. Kinda boring. While there would still be variety, the purpose here is just to keep stuff safe and maybe organized.

We can have what’s more my area, which are travel/portable cases, designed to take stuff around. My goal is to be able to take it with me quickly and easily. While I can display, it’s not the strength of my cases. However, the one I call “The Case of Wonders”, which is the 3-layer case I showed, is certainly capable of display.

The last group is the display group, which would really be one of the most visually interesting and attractive categories. If course, this sometimes just ends up being drawers full of yoyos and feels like like it’s storage.

I actually make my own cases. It’s kind of fun and involves some scavenging/thrifting as well as some measuring and cutting.

Here’s the first case I’ve ever made. It used to be a wine case that my dad had in his garage. I used to keep comic books in it when I was in middle school. I sanded it, stained it, and took some bed foam from Bed Bath and Beyond to turn it into a yoyo case.

It holds 23 yoyos and you can lift the foam up to hide string, bearings, lube, etc.

My looper case. Similar idea, minus the sanding and staining. Started out as a mini wine case that I found in my dad’s garage as well.

Sunsets! It can probably fit more loopers (maybe 9), so I’ll probably upgrade it at some point.

Finally, I’ve got my better yoyo case, where I keep more valuable/sentimental pieces! Clearly just a briefcase. I got this one at a thrift store. Same treatment. Measured out interior dimensions, cut egg crate foam accordingly, etc.

Storage pockets for string and my fave loopers (red and blue Unleashed)

The good stuff…

Where the boxes go to die (safe and sound)

If you’re into it, my thinking is that if you have some bedding foam from BB&B (about $16) and any case that closes securely, you can make a nice case at an affordable price.