yoyo storage

Made myself a yoyo dresser using some foam and a storage unit. I have 2 drawers for yoyos and 1 for misc yoyo supplies.

What I like about your design is that it’s scalable. You can buy a second unit and remove the top of one and then stack them. If you want to get more obsessive, you can put tape on the front to label the contents. The bad part is they aren’t super portable.

I’m looking into a wall-mount rack(like a baseball or golf ball display rack), or perhaps getting baseball cases and then stacking.

I’m also looking to invest in a case that holds a LOT of yoyos since I’m heading out more frequently.

I’ve always wanted a place to put my yoyos, and i think i might just do this. Very nice, simple, effective design man. Well done.

I just toss my yoyos into a plastic chinese food take out bag.


That’s a nice setup!

That sir is legit storage.

So, I take it you won’t be walking around at CalStates with a backpack then?

Storage unit…

Just joshing I really just have these two cases.

(Before I cut holes and got some yoyos.)

And one of these.

I’ve seen the YYE competition bag. The person I meet with on the weekends(hey, always room for more folks!) has one. Nice! I like it, I just need something larger.

I know my kids don’t read here. I’m getting the Small YYE bag for my kid’s birthday IF my client would ever pay me…(constant complaint)

I posted this up on another forum. It’s a great option if you need something really cheap and stackable.

As some of you may know, I have a fairly extensive yoyo collection.

One of the challenges with having a large collection, however, is where to put them all! Before I post my suggestion, I’d like to note that probably the best and most attractive cases I’ve encountered are the ones that Brett Grimes makes. They’re very reasonably priced, especially considered the minimal shipping charges, look great and do a fantastic job of protecting yoyos. If you’re looking for a great case to store under 21 yoyos or less, I would suggest you check them out.

However, if you’re looking for a very economical way to store a lot of yoyos, you need a case option that is really cheap. After searching nearly every fishing tackle, super store, crafts store, etc., I have finally settled on what I believe is the ideal ‘cheapo’ case. Presenting the: Sears Stack_On 14-1/2" 17 Compartment Storage Box - Red. (Sexy name, no?) This is a great storage solution. Here’s why:

  1. The compartments are perfect fits for most yoyos.
  2. The lid is clear so you can see inside.
  3. It holds 24 yoyos. (You may need to use a bit of foam or cardboard to divide some of the ‘double wide’ compartments, however.)
  4. It stacks on top of itself.
  5. It’s readily available at Sears.
  6. It’s cheap! $6.99 regular price.

Here’s the Sears Item# 00962314000 and the Model# SBR-18.

And a few photos of the case:


I have about 10 of these cases filled with yoyos (and another four or five of Brett’s cases I think). If you’ve been looking for a great ‘mass storage’ yoyo case option, hopefully this helps you out!


Sweet. Not exactly what I’m looking for for myself, but not bad. I have some fabric glue and I’m planning to buy some felt to line a Stanley case(similar concept) that I got at Home Depot for like $10 last year.

I also saw these stackable Stanley cases at Walmark, 3 in a set for $24 or so. They latch to each other. The problem is too many over-sized places, which isn’t bad if you have LOTS of accessories to bring along.

I like how so many of those pockets are yoyo sized!

I prefer the “scattered all over my room/house” method of yoyo storage.


I don’t think this is the first time we have herd this! ::slight_smile:

I have yoyos scattered all over our house. I occasionally round them up and put them in little 12 yoyo cases and display stands I have, but the cycle of scattering gets repeated relatively quickly.

Sounds like you’re rather drowning in yoyos, Jason. Feel free to ship a few of those cases my way if you need to make more room in your place. :wink:

I liked this method. But I lost my canvas like that. :confused: still haven’t found it like 2 months later.

Nice looking storage. I tend to like something portable…and preferably a hard case like these… I made the white ones this week using an art bin from the craft store, foam purchased online, and a biscuit cutter to make the holes. I cut the holes for the case with the tiny yoyos with an Xacto knife…that case holds a Flea, Aoda little, Micro Mo, Popstar and a Pocket Rocket… I have three of the store bought black hard cases…here are a few photos:





That explains all the scratches/marks on the Crucial Heavy Cream I bought from you then haha I’m just glad it has a cool background story I can tell my kids one day lol.

Also, that’s a great/cheap idea you made cdd1983. Also, Jason Wong, your idea is very cheap as well, and I’d consider doing that eventually. I’d like to kind of do what Studio42 is doing tho, and get like a nice looking wall display case. I know a guy who actually built his, and it’s like a bookshelf, but it’s got about 4x6 square shaped holes where he can fit the yoyo, and if he has it, the original box. Cool looking, but I’m not that handy with building things like that, so It’d probably cost too much, but eventually I’d like to get something like that idea.

I have a small metal portable case that I made too. This one is for home. The unit that I got is made to be stackable as well, it even has cut outs on the top for the feet of the second one to fit in to keep them from sliding apart.

I just hold my throws in a tiny backpack with a ton of yo-yo stickers on it…

I hold my yoyos in a cinder block

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