Tough Stuff Cases -- Handmade in the USA! (UPDATE: 24 CASE - page 2)

[size=10pt]Presenting: Tough Stuff Cases – Custom Yoyo Cases Handmade in the USA![/size]

Tough Stuff Cases is a small business based out of Richmond, Virginia that creates all kinds of custom cases here in the USA. These cases are, well, tough stuff. Whether you are in need of a nearly indestructible TSA approved flight case, or simple on the go travel case, these cases will not let you down.

As of right now, we have available two kinds of extruded aluminum locking cases with foam inlay; the Single and the Double. The top and bottom of these cases are made of ABS laminated plywood that is available in an assortment of colors.

The Single was designed to closely cradle and protect a single yoyo and act as an “on the go” style case. It has a metal lock (key included) on the front of the case that allows you to safely store your valuable throws. The diameter of the foam cut is 60mm (but will stretch to fit most yoyos) and will hold 50mm-55mm wide yoyo. The case itself measures 4.25" x 5" x 3.5", and is great to just throw in a backpack and go.

The Double was designed to be a competition ready case, storing two 1a or 3a yoyos. Like the Single, it is constructed out of anodized extruded aluminum, ABS laminated plywood, and a TSA approved lock. There is also a handle on the top of the case for easy carry and a small area inside the case for string, bearings, or any other yoyo accessories. The diameter of the foam cuts are the same as the Single (60mm) and will also hold yoyos 50mm-55mm wide.

While these are what we have as pre-made cases, we can make ANY kind of case.

***Feedback is greatly appreciated! We are always looking to improve our designs!

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Looks great! What is the average cost?

How much would a single cost me? I actually have been looking for a case for one of my yoyos.

As of right now, the estimated price for each are as follows:

Single = $25-$35

Double = $45-$55

We will be finalizing the prices soon! We are also currently making a case to fit 24 yoyos. Keep in mind that we can make any kind of case you want :smiley:

maybe for the double design you should make a triple where the string pocket is. then if so you have string room is you could have it below of where one of the yoyos will be. that and with the single if you move the it down and o the right some more you can put a pocket for where the string is. just food for thought cause they seem really pricey for what they are.

I would second this, and maybe add that instead of having a third spot for a full sized yoyo, in the two yoyo container, have a spot for an undersized yoyo, connected to the string slot, so if people wanted they could put an undersized throw in their case, and if not, they could at least fit maybe a bottle of their favorite yoyo lube, with some bearings, and whatnot’s.

Woah i live in richmond :smiley:

Thanks for your feedback!!! Im going to be attending va states with some improved cases and a yoyo case that holds 24. You will see me with the samples, so feel free to stop me :slight_smile: Id love to discuss your ideas to make improvements.

These are really slick and classy little cases.

I have all the full size cases that I could ever need but an indestructible little fortress for 1 or 2 of my yoyos is right up my alley. I travel relatively frequently and fear of TSA theft along with questionable protection (inside of a sock inside of a tiny zippered pouch between a pile of clothing) have always prevented me from putting anything but one very low value yoyo in my checked bag and these look like they handily solve one of my worries.

In my opinion the yoyo world is woefully devoid of quality cases so the 24 slot case you have in the works could definitely have a decent sized market as well. If I was a yoyo contest kind of person I would personally prefer a nice solid hard case before one of the bags that seem to be about the only thing available these days. The only readily available case I know of would be Pelican cases with pick and pluck foam, other than that everything I’ve seen is homemade, and for the most part people are lazy and want to buy something with no assembly required.

My only critique is that I personally prefer foam in cases to hold my yoyos tightly, so 60mm diameter seems quite large. I believe I cut the foam in my full size yoyo display case to ~51mm and it holds 57mm throws with ease and can certainly handle up to 60mm throws which covers all but a select few yoyos. Maybe I’m in the minority on this but I think smaller diameter for the holes would be something to consider.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s feasible with the depth of The Single but it would be neat if it came with an additional small foam insert that you could put under the yoyo so you could fit some strings, bearings or other small accessories safely at the bottom.

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Thanks for your kind words! The depth and width of the foam holes are still being tweaked, so thanks for the advice, we will keep it in mind! We actually have actually been planning on including foam inserts for people who have thinner throws and want to snug them up, but your idea about using the area underneath is brilliant! We were also thinking about including some type of stretchable net, kind of like those on the sides of backpacks to keep water bottles in, in order to hold a 100 pack of string – any opinions on that? Thanks so much!

We also realize that some people think that the prices are a little high, but keep in mind that everything is cut and assembled by hand, and they are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

My only problem is size, the ratio to yoyos held to the size of the case, the double seems a bit big, sort of like a toolbox, maybe if you shrunk them just a tad, and maybe cut down on the foam, (i think its kinda excessive from the pictures). Anyhoo i would love to buy one and review it, i need a pink single for my chief!

I like that you are trying something new. However, I myself am a bit put off by the idea of having a case that only holds a single or two yoyos.
When I need a case it’s for multiple yoyos. If I’m carrying around one yoyo, I put it in a bag or on a holster. Two, I put one in the on the go bag and one on a holster.
I don’t see much appeal for a case to hold this little at all. Not trying to put down the idea or company, but I frankly don’t see the need. Even in the case of rare yoyos meant for display, a case that’s meant to be closed and not showing the yoyo doesn’t make sense to me.
I love the way they look, and if you ever thought of producing larger options I’d be interested for sure! :slight_smile:
Interested to see where this goes.

Helloo to all!

We just completed a brief case style case that holds 24 yoyos! Pics will be up tomorrow, so stay tuned! :slight_smile:

And thanks for all of the great feedback! We would rather have you be honest so we can improve! Thanks again!


Very interested.

These look really nice. Eager to see the 24 case.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this case was over 100 dollars.
These cases are definitely not cost effective

Was talking to a forum member last night about a similar case (he was perusing Pelican), and we both agreed that for club/contest where you’re only bringing your personal throws without plans for trading/selling/sharing much if at all, 4 spaces is pretty ideal. If you don’t use all 4, the extra hole(s) can be used for other stuff. But more likely you’ll use all 4. :wink:

Me, I have been grabbing a 6-hole cigar box case I made, and it’s OK. I usually fill all 6 just because I can. But 4 would be nice, too. :slight_smile:

I really want a case for my top 5 under 35 bucks.
Is that unreasonable?

I really don’t understand why people think it’s cool to complain in a manufacturer thread about their prices. I’ve seen this happen way too often on this board. If you think it’s too much don’t buy it.

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Is international shipping an option?