LF: YoYo Case. Custom Made or Brand Name.

I would like pics and details of the cases please.

My budget is pretty much anything. But i dont wanna go spending 70 bucks on a case. You get it. We can negotiate if it becomes necassary. Thanks!

i make cases u wanna buy one?

I have one in my thread that I’ll get it go for 30 + shipping but it is kind of pending. its brand new but if the deal falls through and your interested I’ll let you know.

PS:I will be making aluminum case that looks really neat with handle and shoulder strap for 35 dollar so keep you eyes open!!

ill make u one that holds 20+ yoyo and i have good rating on makiing casses if you have a breif case i can make it a yoyo case or i can order case like the one below for around 40 dollars and make u one out of breif case for about 20 here is the casses io have made recently

o and i can dye the foam but the person i made the bottem case for wanted it white