Tough Stuff Cases -- Handmade in the USA! (UPDATE: 24 CASE - page 2)

That’s fine. I assume it’s expensive and that’s understandable. Holding 24 yoyos and protecting them no matter what, while looking nice and being high quality, is something i don’t mind paying for, within reason.

Sounds like what you’re after are the 5 throw cases HSYY sold back in the day. I use one to toss in my bag when i travel and it’s perfect for 4 yoyos, my Novus container, and a bunch of string. I have no problem trusting it with my most expensive yoyos. If i end up replacing it with one or more of these cases then i’ll let ya know.

I have two Pelican cases. One holds 32 yoyos and the other holds 10.

They are both of the “pick and pluck” variety. I paid around $50.00 for the small and around $100.00 for the large. “Within reason” is somewhat subjective.


Sorry guys, my camera has been broken, and I just borrowed my neighbors, so im going to hopefully get the pictures up within a few minutes! And I understand some peoples concern about the prices, but you have to keep in mind – THEY ARE HAND BUILT. Nearly all of the parts we get are raw, so we have to hand measure, cut, glue, assemble, and finish. We are really only making around 10 bucks on the cases, and in return you get a ridiculously tough and sturdy little fortress. If you dont think the prices are fair, im really sorry, but we cant just give them away XD Im sure the international shipping is an option, but you will have to pay for it, as well as any other shipping. let me get these pics up for you guys :slight_smile:

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…the moment you all have been waiting for…Presenting the 24!

Tough Stuff Cases presents the 24 yoyo case!

Quality, hand-made, and nearly indestructible, this roomy case provides plenty of room for carrying your collection with you, or simply storing them safely. The area where the yoyos are held in is made of soft foam, with hard foam on the outermost layers (between the soft foam and the plywood). The materials are the same as the Single and the Double, extruded aluminum and abs plywood. The plywood is available in different colors, and there is a support strap that keeps the case from opening too far. There is also a square cut out in the center of the case to store lube, string, bearings, pads, etc. The hole cuts fit almost any size yoyo (it will stretch to accommodate large diameter throws). Please note, this case was not designed for 4a yoyos.

The 24 case measures at 20" x 20" x 5", and would sell for $125.

A TSA approved locking version of the latches are also available for no extra cost**

Very cool. Would there be any way to make a 3x7 or 3x8 yoyo case? $125 for that 24 seems really reasonable though. I’ll have to pull out the tape measure and see what size i’d like best.

We could pretty much do any size you want :slight_smile: we are in the process of making a 5-6 yoyo case as well, for more of a medium size.

Cool! Those cases look really nice.

I dont have any extra cash laying around so Im probably not gonna buy one of these but just a suggestion.

5-6 yoyos seems a bit to small for me (Im sure there are other people out there that feel the same way) And a 24 yoyo case seems way to big.

So I think it would be kinda nice if you guys made like a 12-16 yoyo case

Just a suggestion.

We will take that into consideration :slight_smile: thanks!

These are some great looking cases, good job man.

These cases look excellent. I have one piece of advice.

I lied, maybe two.

  1. Make bigger ones possibly. I love my case, it holds 15. I’d say it’s probably 12x17 or something. Nothing huge.
  2. The foam holes seem too big to me. I prefer mine to be snug, somebody else did as well. In my opinion, the best way to do this while keeping the holes versatile is by using the star cut. I’m not sure if you know what a black star case is, but the way the foam is cut is perfect because it can fit even the biggest of throws, but it still holds small ones snugly. Check it out :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

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VERY cool stuff here!! I would be interested in something in the 4-5 variety myself.

I will definitely check out the star case! Also, did you see the 24 case on page 2? That one is larger than the others. For the 24 we also snugged the whole size down a bit, so even my Onedrop cafe racer fits snug and my werrd hour can also fit. The only problem with the star case is that it is much more complex to hand cut, so it would make the case cost more since the manufacturing time would increase. We will definitely look into it further though!

we are making progress with the 12 case as well :slight_smile:

Sweet :). What I believe works really well for the star is to literally make a cookie cutter thing to slice the holes. It makes it so much faster and much more clean.

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a smart cookie! ha…haha…see what i did there?? :slight_smile: Thanks man! Ill make some proto’s

Does the 24 yo-yo case for $125 include shipping? If not, what would it cost on average to ship it within the U.S.A.?

the $125 is without shipping, I can get you a shipping estimate by monday/tuesday!

So ups ground shipping would be in the neighborhood of 20-23 dollars to ship within the US.

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Messaged about a 24 slot case. Also do you guys make or does anyone know where to get a good quality wall mounted yoyo display case?