Where can I find a nice top 5 case?

I want to keep a special case for my top 5 favorite yoyos!

Anybody know epwhere I can find a nice one?


I believe they can do any size case.

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:slight_smile: thanks for recommending us!

No problem! I would have bought one myself already, but I’m a little tight on funds at the moment.

I saw a couple of those cases at VA states. Super awesome! A little on the pricy side of cases, but it is totally worth it! It won’t tear like fabric cases, or bend like plastic or cheaper metal cases.
Probably the best cases out there!

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Thanks :slight_smile: We are trying our best to make them as cost effective as we can, but we think that they are worth it :slight_smile:


I didn’t see one that holds 5


although not that much of a price difference from the one you and i spoke about :confused: