Homemade Yo-Yo Case Thread: D.I.Y. 40 Yo-Yo Case

Well, I set out to make myself a yo-yo case specifically for my YYE Editions. I have more than 21 of those throws, so I’ve outgrown my old case. I decided to use this poker chip case:

What I liked about it was the size, as it would be made to hold 40 throws, and the rounded corners, and it has the “feet” at the bottom to protect it when it is placed on tables. I also like that it has 5 locks, three in the front and one on each side. It came with two generic keys too. Looks pretty sturdy, so I went with that.

First, because it’s a poker case, I pulled out the bottom part, basically gutted the bottom half.

Then, I cut my foam. I tried that site foambymail.com that I’ve seen linked here before. PM me if you are interested in knowing my thoughts about their service. So, I proceeded to cut the foam and measure the piece by using the part I removed from the case. That seemed the easiest way. I just used a sharp knife to cut it.

After I cut the foam out, I decided to set up where the holes would be. I tried a few methods for creating a template for the holes. First, I tried using the foam from another case, but it did not work out. The method that worked best for me, was using little foam bits from another case. I just set them up where I would cut the holes and I used a needle to hold it in place.

Then, I used a tomato paste can (just empty it, wash it out thoroughly, and cut off the top ring) to cut the holes. Most of the holes were clean, and I was satisfied with the results. It was fairly easy too.

I decided to cut pieces of the foam that came from making the holes and put a bit of foam in the bottom of the holes so the throws are sitting on some foam too.

Overall, I’m happy with how the case came out. I wanted a neat looking case to hold my YoyoExpert Editions as my collection grows. I put in some similar color throws as place holders until I get some new ones. This process took me about one hour to complete.

Thanks for looking. If you have any specific questions about this process, feel free to PM.


This is outstanding, Total Artist! Thank you for the series of pictures too. It really illustrated the entire process. You truly are an artist… totally. :wink:
I would love to make a case like this, but I don’t have anywhere to store it where it can be accessible. One of my biggest fears is making a big case like this, filling it with yoyos, storing it under my bed (for example) and never pulling it out to play with them.

Beautiful work.

Great looking case… WOW… You have “so many throws” hehe

Thanks Mikeeff & mgiroux77. It’s the second one I’ve made, but the first one I made that big. It will give me some room to grow too. I hope it helps someone who wants to do it D.I.Y. style.

Really cool! May I ask about what everything costs? I have yoyos lying everywhere and I outgrew my 12 case a long time ago and would be interested in doing something like this.

Good question SR. It cost me, but it was worth it to me, to have it made the way I wanted.

Empty poker chip case $40

I bought in bulk, enough to make 5 cases, for about $30, but $12 of it was shipping. So, foam for this case was about $6.

Tomato paste can about $1

So, the entire case cost about $47 to make. 40 yo-yo case for under $50


You have more YYE edition throws than my entire collection…

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I’m learning to slow down a bit. I’m focusing this year, more on the YYE Editions instead of buying a lot of other stuff. It’s kind of refreshing to focus my collection on more specific things. So far, I love collecting the YYE Editions, and small (micro) yo-yos too. I will get other stuff from time to time, but it will not be my focus. I have 22 official YYE Editions, and over 30 with the YYE colors. I have a Summit coming. It looks to be one of the best too. My old case held 21, so I knew it was time to make a new one. This one gives me some room to grow.

That looks really nice! You inspired me to make my own case, which I am working on now.

We should start a thread just for homemade cases. Alot of people make them and I know some are awesome!

Feel free to post if you need any tips or tricks. This was my third one. I forgot I actually made one I forgot about…making this my third. Here is the first one I ever made. I used an Art bin…basically plastic case with two locks that snap in the front. I used a biscuit cutter to cut the holes. Not nearly as easy as the tomato paste can:

This one was not as planned, and not as clean, that I made for micro throws, so I just hand cut the holes with an Xacto knife:

I agree. I’m going to make the next one out of a pistol case, it’s a small black plastic case. Already has foam in it, but eggcrate foam. So, I’ll gut the bottom half and cut new foam. I can’t decide whether to make it an 8 yo-yo case, or try to squeeze 10 out of it. :-\

I renamed the thread, so we’ll see if anyone else wants to share their case and how they put it together.

Im picking up some foam tonight, hopefully they will have black at meijer, the white looks tacky in my opinion

Old sharp case I found at work. Ordered the foam from foambymail.com. Holes cut with tomato paste can. Used 1 inch foam for bottom and put 1 1/2 inch foam on top with holes cut for YoYos. Holds 20 YoYos.

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Wow Mondo’ that case looks great. It holds 20 throws with a bit of room to grow. Looks like you can add a few holes in the future if you need to. Thanks for posting.

I agree Dingo’, I’ve seen white foam :P, and green foam. They both look bad in my opinion. The only color that looks good to me, is charcoal grey. Those art bin cases I made used foam from foamonline.com. I use only high density foam too. It keeps shape better over time, and it’s easier to cut too.

I think purple and green foam would be pretty epic!!! Just sayin… :slight_smile:

Thanks. Don’t know if you can see but I messed up the last row. It’s off from the others rows. Drives me crazy lol.

I’m back. Figured I’d use up some of that bulk foam I bought, and make the next case. This time I chose to use this plastic pistol case I found at the sporting goods store. I tried to fit 10 throws in here, but it is just too tight, so I went with 8 instead. This is a cute little case, on the thick side, but sturdy, with two plastic snap locks in front.

So, the case had eggcrate foam on the top and bottom. I can’t use it for the bottom, because it’s too shallow in spots to cut holes, so I removed it, to replace it with solid foam.

I just removed the bottom foam and traced around it on the solid foam with an xacto knife:

Then, I put the foam in the case, and cut my holes with the can as usual:

I took the bits of foam that were cut out and cut a bit off to lay on the bottom, so the throws are sitting on foam:

Not my cleanest job, but when the case is complete, it looks stellar:

I probably will sell this one, because I have no use for an 8 yo-yo case. It was fun making it though.

Case cost $12, and foam for this one, about $3 worth maybe…give or take.


I finished today! The yellow foam is just a practice/stand-in until I get better foam. You can tell that the foam’s holes were cut from left to right because the holes get neater