Homemade Yo-Yo Case Thread: D.I.Y. 40 Yo-Yo Case

This was really easy, since the case came with foam that was divided into gridded removable sections, so I could remove what I needed. Also,this case can hold twice as many yoyos than are shown, because each section is deep enough to hold two throws with a foam pad between them for protection. For now I have them all sitting on foam blocks (that I made from the stuff I removed) so they aren’t overly recessed into the foam. Pelican cases are apparently water resistant, airtight, come with a lifetime warranty, and can be locked. So it wasn’t exactly cheap, but I think it was totally worth it. Here are some kinda crappy pics, but they get the job done.

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Did you use a tomato paste can to cut the holes? It’s a bit harder to cut unless the foam is high density. Looks like you also used a poker chip case. Nice job.

Looks like yours is also a 40 yo-yo capacity case. Pelican cases are durable too. Main thing is that your case suits your style and needs.

Totalartist, do you know where to buy a good case in a store? Walmart?

Good question Dingo. I will shoot you a PM. :wink:

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Yeah, it’s not high density foam. Just got some today.

This thread is awesome. In my last case I had speakers with an aux plug to plug my phone into. They were like 5$ speakers from Walmart and sucked really bad. What do you guys think I should do to modify my new case with speakers but this time make them louder. Maybe battery powered and hide the wire under the foam?

yeah we so should!!!

yeah where can you get a good case?

Thats Awesome

I have one case I made. I got the case at Salvation Army and it had eggcrate foam on top and bottom and I just used that to cut holes in because I didn’t want to order foam online. I will try and post pics later.

Sweet thread!

I can’t wait to see how it turned out. :slight_smile:

Just another reason you are awesome TotalArtist! You are really a cool cat!

Thanks Russ, so kind of you…you’re the best :wink:

I seem to recall that if you dip the tomato paste can in soapy water, that you can get cleaner cuts. Anyone want to confirm this?

I believe that to be true. It’s using that technique, along with just turning in one direction (clockwise for example), that gives you cleaner cuts. Also, with the can, you have to cut that thick ring off the top, otherwise you won’t have the sharp edge you need to cut easily. Of course, you have to be extremely careful doing that.

I had some good luck cutting with a “biscuit cutter.” It’s like a cookie cutter, but thicker. The edges are not as sharp as the can, so it takes much longer to cut the holes. Yet, the cuts are very, very clean. Another technique is to start the cut with the biscuit cutter (or cookie cutter), then complete it with the tomato paste can, to cut deeply through the foam. That ensures you have clean cuts, and it gets done fast too. Trouble with that is, unless you have cookie cutters lying around, it’s something else to look for.

Overall, I thought the tomato paste can method was easiest…almost too easy.

I’m told freezing the foam helps clean up the cuts as well. Can anyone confirm this?

Here are some pictures of the case I made


Here are just the holes


Here are some yoyos in the case


Here is a picture without the foam


As you can see there is black felt glued in with that fabric glue spray stuff. I didn’t think there really was enough room to put foam in there. The eggcrate foam didn’t seem to cut the best but it worked and I diny feel like doing the whole ordering foam online deal especially since one of the main reasons I made it homemade was that it would be cheaper. Another reason the holes are kind of shaggy is that they are cut with a hole saw. Didn’t have a can of tomato paste on me at the time, and the hole saw worked decent and let’s me put the closest possible hole size to what I want. As you can see the different holes are different sizes because they were cut with different diameter hole saws. As I have gotten more yoyos I have added more holes. While it might not be the prettiest, it works and cost me 98 cents

I have never tried freezing it. But, I can only guess that would make the foam more stiff. But, if you use “high density” foam, it is already plenty stiff. Maybe if you use the regular foam, it is a better method to freeze it first. I can only guess on that one. :-\