Going to attempt to make a poker chip case, any advice?

I’ve been looking up an down for a poker chip case turned to a Yoyo case. I have a briefcase type case that holds 18 on each side but they fall out if I put them on both sides. It’s a yoyosam hard case holds 36 throws.

I was just looking on eBay for foam and a poker chip case. I have about like 20 throws but want a case that holds about 25-30 throws. What’s a good size for that?

Would anyone be willing to make me one if I paid for the supplies? Obviously I would compensate for your time. If anyone could give me advice that would be great too I could just make my own if its isn’t to hard.
Also if I buy a poker chip case are the grooves that hold the poker chips removable?

This case could hold quite a bit http://www.americangamingsupply.com/650-pc-Capacity-Poker-Chip-Case-Executive-Aluminum-Hard-Side.aspx

The foam you would use is 1 inch high density foam you can buy at Joanns.

Hi there Jcpdx503
Sorry for bumping this old thread but I just want to ask you if you have any updates with this? I’ve also want to buy such a poker chip case so I can turn it into a Yoyo case. :slight_smile: