Want to Build a Case

Hey Everybody,

Im looking to build a case and have seen some videos where people strip poker chip cases and cut foam. Does anybody know which cases would work best for this. Or if anybody’s built a pretty sick case on their own what they prefer. Any advice?

You can build a case out of pretty much anything, just get some high density foam. A lot of people just use a high density foam seat cushion from a sewing or hobby store.

Personally, the most inexpensive way I’ve found to make a case is to buy a handgun case. I’ve found a single gun case for roughly $8 here, and it comes with egg crate foam that you can glue together to make a solid piece, then cut out holes for the yoyos. The single pistol case I use holds 8 yoyos, and while it’s not very practical to carry around a bunch of pistol cases if you go to a meet up, for safe storage and taking your favorites to your yoyo club, it’s great and cheap

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I don’t know what gun paraphernalia you have in the UK, but my case is made out of a gun case.
1: acquire gun case
2: get a hole drill of appropriate size
3: drill into foam

A couple of useful tricks for cutting foam…

  • If using a hole saw, run it backwards, it doesn’t shred the foam that way…
  • Use a heated can of the proper size to cut the foam. It melts the foam rather than cuts it.