Case Making- Need advice

Okay, I’m looking to make a yoyo case. I’m just going to use a pencil box for the case. (I only want to hold like 4 yoyos, because a: I can’t carry a case around easily, pencil boxes fit in backpacks; b:I don’t have enough yoyos to put in there. :-[) So, I need some foam, and some advice. a: how thick should my foam be??? Also, should I stick in a layer of foam on top??? How to cut the foam easily. Ty!

BTW, it’s only for my metalish yoyos. ie. a DM and M1. I don’t care if my throw monkey gets banged.

Foam should be about 3 inches thick, it seems to work best. I cut foam with a circular razor cutter that is designed for cutting fabric. You can use regular scissors if you have some patience.

You probably want to use 2 or 3 inch foam. If you want to, you could get some 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch if you see it and use some for a top and bottom layer. That might help protect them more.

One thing that you could do for the bottom of them is to take the circles you cut out and just take scissors or something and cut some of the bottom off and put it back in the hole so that there is that padding there.

I use 1.5" foam in my case… But I also put mine standing up versus on their sides. Looks cleaner and you can fit more in the case.

Since you are wanting to put it in a backpack, I suggest buying a backpack case. Room for books and yoyo’s!

How do you cut it with a scissor? Like straight down???

What are you cutting? If its the outside of the foam you can use an electric knife. If its the circles, use a tomato paste can. If you want to do it like Bret (ibanezcollector), Use a new box knife or exacto knife.

i have the backpack case, and it carries all my books. You should get this, its awesome

were would one get this yoyo backpack?

Hey heres a cool thing I’m doing that you could try, a yoyo binder! Mine can hold 12 (9 if i want to hold my parts) and strings!

A yoyo binder??? Sounds nice… can you post how you would make it??? Cuz I can’t imagine how to make one…

For sure but I don’t want to thread jack so stop posting about it. (I shouldn’t have posted it in the first place)