Where Can I Get a Hard Cover Yoyo Case


Need a case, and please don’t go off on “buy a poker chip case and make it yourself” I need a case for worlds ASAP. I prefer it fit both Off String and normal throws.


Preferably Aluminum.

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In reality, since the black star cases are hard to find now, DIY with an aluminum briefcase is your best bet. I don’t know of any hard shell cases specifically for yoyos anymore… I’ll do some research though.


I see a bunch of those around the BST all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve never seen one…? I should look more carefully lol


I’m not sure why you can’t make a case. Buy an aluminum case and get some foam. If cutting foam to the right size is your problem then pick up some pick and pluck foam. The pick and pluck foam is already pre cut into squares that you can easily pull out. It’s pretty cheap too, about the same price as regular foam, and it’s completely customizable. The squares won’t come out unless you rip it or cut it so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart.


WHERE CAN I BUY PICK AND PLUCK FOAM!? I’ve been dying to get some, and if I get that I won’t even need a new case!


Google is your best friend, but for a quick answer foambymail.com. Just type in pick and pluck foam into the search bar and your set to go




Did you find it? No problem, but ya know a thank you would be nice ::slight_smile:


But me is already tanka yeww


Yah, you already thanked me but pressing that little red star in the corner would be really awesome! Btw did you order it?


I have a homemade pokerchip case, and it works fine. What i say is get a pokerchip case, and if you need foam asap, go to Joann’s for an inch thick sheep of foam, then use soup cans of different sizes to cut holes. If you want picknpluck, just go for that then.