Yoyo case ideas places help!


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I am looking for a new yoyo case. Preferable a hard case.

I like the fact that Laptop cases have room for everything. Sooo, anyone know where I can find a hard case that has pockets and stuff inside?

And foam. Is Foambymail.com a good choice, reliable!


Bump help!!!


Poker cases work well and foambymail is very reliable.


Black star case. Use it for your main throws, but have a different one for others. Or, get a 72 Black star and store probably almost all of them. If you want DIY, Pistol cases work really well.


So I’m guessing he wants a custom case made by himself, here is some info I can Provide.


A case (I used a Metal Lunch box before, worked great)
Foam (Measure how thick the case is then get the appropriate foam thickness)
Tomate Paste Can, the one that is small in diameter

Step One: Measure Width and length of case
Step 2: Place foam inside the case
Step 3: Decide how many holes you want and where they should go
Step 4: Use tomato paste can to cut the holes by twisting. Dont twist back and forth, only twist clockwise to prevent jagged edges.
Step 5: Put your yoyos in that case!

Hope that was helpful enough.

If that wasnt helpful enough for you, heres a video:


Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention.

Joann has the best high density foam, so buy your foam there.

Also, If you want a Hard case, go to A gun shop or Dicks and buy a Pistol case.

I have had experience with cases I’ve bought online and ended up liking the one I made much better.


I have made 3… Two for my bro and one big one for me.

I just need a hard case, that I can store all my extras in. My current case has yoyos, 1 bottle of lube some jackknife and a few counterweight and some small amounts of string.

I need a hard case that maybe has pockets or storage places for string, parts box, big yoyos that don’t fit and other stuff like tools and trading cards.




That’s about as good as you’ll get it. Take your pick :wink:


Um, they are nice but how do I put foam inside that thing hmm??


In the bottom maybe… It would definitely be an interesting design if the foam was on the bottom, with a cover so you can put things on top, and the yoyos only to be revealed by lifting the cover.

I’ll make a little design picture and post it here.



See where I’m going with this?


For the longest I wanted an aluminum brief case to hold my yoyo s . But I’m not planning to leave my house with 30 at a time . Now I want a display case to show them off . Ikea has some nice glass ones that fit in the corner and light up .


Any hard case, plastic, aluminum, anything.

Just need extra space…


I just don’t think you can get a hard case with pockets for all the things you want. I’ll PM you a really nice hard case if you are interested.