yoyo bag?

hey, i’ve heard of yoyo bags and ive seen a few on the yyf videos but… i want to make one myself. cany anyon tell me what they should have in them, what the use for them is, and all that? also, if you have one and can post pics that would be cool. 8)

what do you mean by a bag, like a case?

if so, then they’re actually pretty easy to make. Just get some foam (the green stuff at joanns works) and a case. can be any kind. I like hard cases personally (home depot has a nice metal case for 25 bucks). but a laptop bag or something else would work too.
Also good to have is a huntz tomato paste can.

step 1: cut the foam to fit in your case
step 2 (optional but recomended): plan out your case with yoyos. as is, put them, or similarly sized things over the foam where you want them to be.
step 3: empty your tomato paste can, and cut off the rim part. you want it to be sharp.
Step 4: Dip your tomato paste can in soap water for lubrication, and cut out a hole where you want a yoyo to go.
Step 5: do this until you have all of your holes. for larger diameter (offstring) yoyos, I found a campbell’s soup can worked well.
step 6 (optional): you can dye your foam if you want. (I think black foam looks better than white or green, so I opted to do this)

for my home depot case, I actually got another thinner peice of foam for the lid, and cut out a spot for a tackle box. using some velcro, I can keep the tackle box there. Inside it, I have string, spacers, bearings, jimmy hats/z stacks/hub stacks, etc.

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i have a metal yoyo case that holds 7 throws, 2 counterweights, a f.a.s.t. holder, a string holder i made out of a red bull can, lube and other stuff. but i’ve seen like, yoyo bookbags. that’s what im asking.

Just for ideas of what is available chek out the Werrd bag that YYE sells…

I got a case from target and foam from hobby lobby. the swss army laptop case i have can hold over 20 throws, a lot of accesories, trick books, stickers, and pretty much anything else.

They have foam at hobby lobby? what kind and how expensive is it?

And by what kind I mean is it spongy, hard, etc…

go to the fabrics section and it’s high density polyester foam. you can get it in various sizes too. ;D

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Or, you could carry your yoyos around the classy way.
Just get a chinese food plastic take-out bag. (The kind that say thank you).
And dump your yoyos in there and carry them as such.

To prevent dings, throw in a washcloth.


And everyone will respect you for it.

I do it all the time.


huh. that sounds pretty legit^

I’ve tried his before. To be honest, I find that a cotton ball works just as well as a washcloth, and is cheaper.

Also, what’s the best place to pick up a fairly large sized case? I want one that will hold at least 15 yoyos.