homemade yoyo case??

Would anybody be able to make me a yoyo case that holds atleast 12 yoyos.I would really like one so please tell me what you got

It’s very easy to make a yoyo case.
All you need is:
-a laptop bag (if you want a soft shell) or some kind of hard case (home depot sells a husky case that works great, most hard camera cases work well, briefcases too. or my first case used an old GBA case)
-Some kind of foam
-something to cut the foam. A small huntz tomato paste can works very well
-Dye (if you want to dye the foam)

Joanne’s fabrics or a similar craft store sells green foam which is perfect for yoyo cases, as well as rit dye in case you want to dye it.

Then just follow this guide. I never use the paper thing, but you can if you want.