Recommend me a yoyobag

So I need a yoyo carrying case type deal. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should use? I’m looking for something that closely resembles an actual backpack.
What do you guys use to carry around your throws?

I use the $20 YYE Bag. I keep my top 7 + a storage capsule in that, with the rest of my stuff in a nice bin on my shelf.

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I made one!

WOW, dude how?!

Oh it isnt that difficult, you could make one out of anything! Look for those safe cases with the brand “vaultz”, those are PERFECT for cases. Just get some cell phone foam (at least 1 inch thick, cut 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch swuares, spaced about 3/4 inch away from each other through the foam using a box cutter or spmething similar then BAM!

Mine is made from wooden case (which i belive used to house whiskey lol) with 2 layers of those foam holes describes above. The case makes the perfect surface for stickering!

Or just a metal lunchbox, using the same foam method.
works as well as any case online!

If you are looking for a backpack type deal, then use a backpack! Just get a much larger section of the foam and sew it to the backpack. Use the little pockets to carry your counter weights and accesories!


The werrd bag is phenomenal. I’ve had it about a year, and the only signs of wear is the foam has deteriorated a little. It’ll be easy to replace the foam, though. It’s perfect if you want to take a laptop/binder with you to school.

Same here, I’m not spending around $50 to hold my yoyos.

All you need is a case and a block of foam. Be creative, cut it to the right size and make holes with cans.

zeekio is a great value for the

Also pokerchip cases work great! had one laying around so I just got 2" foam cut it to shape and cut holes with a tomato paste can. it works great and only payed like $6 for the foam so I got a deal.

If you can ever find one, the infinite illusions/yoyoguy sling bag is my favorite. It houses a good deal of throws and has a pocket that can easily fit an iPad plus a ton of string, or a couple Kendamas and a few more throws. I use mine at contests and meets and I’m definitely happy with it!

I personally like my YYJ bag lots of useful pockets for stuff

I toss my yoyos into a plastic bag and carry them around as such. So I wouldn’t be the best one to ask.

However, if you can find one of the old yomega bags, those are great!

I personally have a Yoyojam bag that i got as a gift and works wonders for me but, they are a little on the pricey side

The infinite illusions bag is awesome! My buddy gas one I wish I did.

Me too! It is great, take it everywhere.


Is there anyway I can make one from an old backpack? I want to be able to carry all my school stuffs, and my yoyo’s and my kendama.

Get one of these pencil bags:

and just put a cloth or thin foam spacer in between the throws, you can fit 4-5 throws and its dirt cheap.


Oh so like the Duncan Yoyo pouch I have?