Making a YoYo Case.


Anyone have any good tips? I’m making my first case, and am totally lost. I’ve owned and used a Yomega YoBag, a Hyper Heavy Spinners Case, a Duncan HardBox, and a Black Star Case. Some have features I like, but none really suit me very well. I’m looking for a nice balance between storage, small-ish size, the abillity to hold 4a yoyos, and extra storage for parts and supplies. Any ideas?



Happy Throwing! =]


check out this post of a yoyo case i made that you can see, also look at the responeses some people had just great ideas


Just a warning, there is language in that video towards the end.

(LookAYoYo) #5

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Instead of using the smallest tomato can, use the next biggest for OS yoyos


I used a tacle box for my accesories.


i used a sardines can.