What would be the best case for the cheapest price. I need it to hold about 8-10 yoyos in it.

The yoyoexpert case here is $20 for 8 yo-yos. That should be good.

However, if you search for it you can get the Yomega case that’s $25 that can hold 12/24

What about a yoyo bag that holds two yoyos. Doesn’t have to be on YYE. Just a cheap bag that holds two yoyos or one yoyo and the other a compartment bag.

I second that YYE case! It’s nice, lightweight and easy to carry around while throwing. While I store 8 of my ‘go to/favorite’ yoyos, I tend to stash my loopers and parts in the top zippered area.

I got the YYE Medium Bag. Holds 4 in pockets and many more in the back if you want.

My son has the competition bag. Holds 8. Great holder.

YYE makes the small bag, holds 2. I might get some of these for add-ons to stick onto the strap on my medium bag.

Crucial makes a strap holder than holds 2 yoyos, depending on size and shape. Rather durable, I don’t think YYE carries these though. I got one for $10 at CalStates. I keep my Hitman Pro and XCon Pro on it.

You don’t need to go nuts on price but you don’t want to be cheap either. At least not TOO cheap.

if you don’t wanna buy one of these premade cases, you can just use whatever, fill it with high density foam (green stuff you can pick up at joanns works perfectly) and cut holes using a tomato paste can (the small one)
Laptop cases work well. as do camera cases, gameboy cases, or pretty much any type of case or box.

I make my own and over time have made some for a few other people. Right now I have one that holds 24, one that holds 20 a smaller one that holds 9 that I keep in my desk drawer at work and another that holds three that I keep my daily yoyos in and I keep in my backpack.

You can pretty much use anything. If you take the time you can make a very nice case for under $60 that is sturdy and holds all your yoyos and supplies.

I use the YYE bag.

Like he said you can use almost any case you want and mod it. Here is a pic of a poker chip case. It looks like it has the egg carton type foam in the top so all you would have to do is take out the bottom tray and put in some foam with holes.

But they usually cost just as much or more than a YYE bag.

Thats a " dresser" i made. I have a poker chip case that i made into a yoyo case too.

I have been looking for a case as well and I saw a case on another website that is in a backpack. I was wondering if anyone has had any experierence with this case or making a case in a backpack. (I am looking for an easier to carry case)

Pictured are my YYE ‘contest bag’ which is my go-to case when I’m out at the park and whatnot, and my plastic ‘stay at home’ case (a tackle box from the Big W) mainly to keep most of my yoyos contained and parts as well.

What I like about the YYE contest bag is that it’s light and can just throw it over the back of me and can still yo while walking about. Looks really nice too, and can rep YYE while you’re on your public yoyoing adventures.