What's your favorite yoyo case?

I only have one but I like it its the yoyo king case it holds up to 8 yoyos. but I’m going to get a yyf hard case soon and i think that will be better


without any doubt, the hyper spinners box from the late 90’s.
perfect size, super durable, and love the layout/use of space.

but honestly, whatever case goes with you on a bunch of yo-yo adventures will be tied to so many cool memories that it’ll feel like the perfect case.


This is a great case. A couple weeks ago I found a site that was selling them. They were going for 120 :frowning:

The sad thing is that makes my case more expensive than any individual Yo-yo I have :frowning:


36 hole YYsam hard cases are the jam.

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Not really a case, but a YYF messenger bag that has 8 yo-yo pockets on one side. It’s nice since I can use it for other things as well.

A little case I made myself. I wanted something a little more heavy duty, so I cut foam to fit into this pelican case. Holds 8 yoyos, and then I usually keep that bag of strings just setting on top of them. It’s also lockable, and the edges are lined with a gasket to make it watertight when it’s closed.


I have one of these but sadly my latch is broken.


I’ve just been using my 2-yoyo YYF case that came with my Turntable 2.0. Perfect for me since I only carry one or two throws when I travel.

I love those large cases but sadly I just don’t have use for them.

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Nice. I need to figure out how to re-foam mine lol. I’ve done it twice but ineffectively and right now the foam is literally a cut up yoga block.


Someone sell me a yoyoguy/infinite illusions star case

Only “case” I have …

Otherwise, it’s just pockets/backpacks for me. :blush:


Love the “steel box” look! What’s the throw on the right?

It’s a Portra 400 MKII. Titanium with a cool matte finish coating. Recently transferred to one of our friends here on the forums (via the FB BST).


I’ve found the easiest thing to do is to use a narrow diameter tin can with the top cut off so it’s sharp. You can use heavy duty scissors or tin snips. Make an incision below the lid and then just cut around the edge.

Then you take the sharp can, press down on the foam and turn it as you press. Cuts perfect circles into the foam. I make templates from cardstock to layout and evenly space the holes, sharpie stencil the template and then cut.

Standard soup cans are too wide and won’t hold most unresponsive throws securely. It should work for loopers though. I use a random Wasabi can I found at the Asian grocery store; I suspect an anchovy can might work as well.


I thought so! I think I was eyeing this one too!

Nice cases in this thread! My fave is my homemade case that holds like 40 yo-yos. But it doesn’t travel that well so I also have a few soft cases like the op’s.

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hay that’s actually a pretty cool case

I only have one atm, but it’s good enough.

I bought it for some 10€ overseas. It seems to be a traveling makeup bag of some sorts.


Thanks for the suggestion @jasonwongzero!

Re-foamed my Hyper Heavy Spinners Box using the tomato paste suggestion. Probably could have done it with a cleaner aesthetic, but totally functional. Granted I can’t for the life of me fathom when I’d be likely to want to tote 16 yo-yo’s anywhere at this point (hard to imagine the times I brought my 72-star case to Worlds lol), but still nice to breathe new life into an oooooooold box.

IMG_9030 IMG_9031 IMG_9032


Woot, looking nice! Yes I remember now that tomato cans work well.