My growing collection

Any suggestions on what to keep them in? I have a YYJ bag that holds 4, but I would like something to keep the entire collection in as it grows. I liked the Duncan bag, but they are out of stock.

Just pick up a YYE 12 bag case :slight_smile:

EDIT: “As it grows”

Maybe the next size higher? I personally have 2 YYE 8 cases, just because I like how compact they are and easy to carry without worrying about your yo-yos slipping out of their holes while you’re carrying it.

I’ve got a Yomega 12 hole case that I love.

Gun case!

If you are on a budget and live near a Lowe’s, they have a plastic parts case that has 10 slots just the right size for a yoyo and some padding and 4 slots that can hold up to 2 yoyo’s with padding for about $5.59.

Nothing fancy…

Also a yomega 24 pack bag and another canvas bag.

Haha, nice! I guess as long as they’re not on thrown on the floor right… Lol

Hang 'em! Out in the open and organized :wink:

Nice BvM’s anmo!

Thanks! Love me some BvMs… (And gnarwhals as the top row suggests!)

For my birthday, my wife bought me an old Coca-Cola 24 bottle crate at an antique store. I hung it on the wall. Incidentally, it will hold, well, 24 yoyos.

Wow, some great responses! I had been thinking along the lines of a bag, but these ideas have me completely rethinking that!