I need a yoyo case


Ok, I have yoyoed on and off for like 2 years now, and im finally going to have enough yoyos to justify a case, because well my computer desk is getting cramped and my three year old brother is a flippin’ jerk! Anyways, I want a hardcase, I’m fine with making my own but does anyone know how I can get a hardcase thats not like 70 dollars, I was thinkin more like lame $20 dollar, off brand briefcase, from china but it seems to be a challenge. if anyone knows of a place to start off the top of their head like an off-brand-brand, a store, or online store that would be very helpful.

Some of you may be thinking “But mark! You have a bunch of yoyos that are at the very least valuable to you dont you think you should keep them safe in an expensive quality case”

No…no… i shouldnt
Thats yoyo/RP money out the door

ALSO i know this isnt the first topic and there are several more presumably just like it the difference is! I dont want a soft case!


One, please think about using better punctuation, I found this a bit hard to understand. Two, I use a toolbox.


thrift shops are a good place to find a briefcase. I had a poker chip box laying around, took everything out added 2" foam and boom yoyo case that works perfect. A good place to get foam from Joann Fabric’s 2" high density foam is perfect.


Whats a good size box to fit about 30 yoyos?


Thank you, I might see if I have any poker sets lying around…I really shouldve thought of that -.- seems pretty simple. If i dont i guess ill just go out to some second hand shop or check walmart for a cheap poker set.


no clue on a good size for 30, but a good option is the duncan large yoyo case for $35, or the large YYE case these both hold 24 yoyos comfortably.

The pokerchip case was about $20 i believe when I purchased it so that is fairly cheap and pain $6 for the foam to fill it.