Case for a yoyo case?


Ok, so how would this briefcase work for a yoyo case?  Too slim or big or just right?


It’d be big enough for yoyos that aren’t offstrings.


That’s cool but I went to goodwill and got one for 2 bucks


You can make a case out of nearly anything when it comes to yoyos. The weirder the better as far as I’m concerned. Right now I’m on the lookout for an old violin case.


That’s a really cool idea. I’ll need to try that.


I think it’s a great choice. I will say that based on my experience of cutting lots of foam for all my cases, that it will have a capacity of approx. 30 YoYo’s.

If you were to buy aluminum poker chip cases that are very plentiful on-line, you could find other alternatives much cheaper. Especially when you buy them without the chips. A case that will have a 24 YoYo capacity will run you around $20.00. They come in many different sizes as well for different size collections. Check out the link to a couple cases I have built that were under $20.00. The cost of the foam is approx about $10.00 as well.,9377.135.html    Bottom of the page. And…,50827.0.html      Top of the page.

All cases I bought under $20.00.

Anyway, just lots of options to select from, everybody loves choices  :slight_smile:

PM me if you want details about where I bought the cases, though I’m going to try to convince Andre to start stocking them. I know that Brett Grimes used to know of a supplier when he had his store open. I’m hoping Andre will feel there is an adequate market for them. I’m sending him one I made to see if has any interest.



Thanks!  The poker cases are a little thin for my liking and fragile for my liking.  If you know me, I break stuff pretty easily lol.  The case in my original post just seems tougher and a bit cooler looking lol.  Also, do you know what kind of case Andre Boulay used in Operation Dark Magic and Operation Dark Magic 2?


I think so.


I’ve seen quite a few cases made from the aluminum brief cases. I think they work good.
But I think you can do better on price.


Thanks for the help guys! Just one more question, where do you guys buy the black foam? I’ve seen other colors at Joann’s but I haven’t seen black foam anywhere.


You can dye it with rit dye just let it dry it the sun for awhile after.


I know, but that’s too messy lol


You want a firmer foam. It cuts a lot better. I’m researching this as well. I don’t care for the padding foam available at Joanns. It does a good job, I just prefer a stiffer foam.