Yoyo cases- I can make them- get one custom done today!


I would like to offer up a service for making yoyo cases.

Either you send me foam and I can cut the holes, or send me money to buy a case and put foam with holes etc in it.

I know I need pictures, but I got rid of all my old ones. However I have a friend who’s I did and he will vouch. Yoyoexpertman54

If you send me foam for holes, it’s only $7 (includes shipping)…

No matter the size unless its over 12.

Contact Bcmaddog via PM if interested.

I need to get the pic of the case I made for him

Depends. How many yoyos, what type of case, extra slots.

Not much. Lets see, say you want a case for 6 yoyos. It would be about $15…

Now we’re cooking with charcoal. Do you have some photos you can share? I’d like a custom painted mustache man case :slight_smile: lets make it happen little buddy! :slight_smile: shoot me a pm with an idea on price. I’d like it to cover ideally around 25 yoyos (or maybe break it down Into 2 or 3 smaller cases?). But definitely get at me BC!

Just did one for myself today :).

Fit 15 yoyos in my 12 yoyo case :).

See let’s get some helpful options going.

Also BC if you are making set sizes you might be able to cut a templet to get repeatable results and get the same sized cases to have the same size and placement of each yoyo in the case.

Good luck BC and rock it and rock it proper!

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The reason for the original spacing in the 12 yoyo case was durability. Thin foam walls do not last very long and will tear/break quickly.

When you shove the holes so close together, you also lose the ability to stuff in anything that is even slightly oversized.

You also clearly need to work out how to get even spacing, and how to cut consistently round holes… measuring would be a start.


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I agree… A template would benefit this process immensely. You need at the very least a 1" margin from the edges of the case all the way around AND an 1"-1"1/4 between all the holes. :wink:

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Get some of that foam that is in cubes so you can take them out, as needed.

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I’d love to buy a case. I think your best bet would be to make one, take some pics that show it from All angles, make a price and put it up for sale. After you’ve sold a few and have a reputation for making a quality product, people will come to you with custom requests